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LED Ceiling lights – Style your home with Crompton Lights

  • 30 September

Crompton LED Lights Crompton LED Lights

The mark of a beautiful home can be established by having different types of ceiling light fixtures. The texture and radiance of these lights can amplify the aesthetics of your home or office. Moreover, what makes them unique is the usage of LED lights.

Various types of LED lights for ceilings not only raise the oomph factor of your space but also help in saving huge costs on your electricity bills. By fitting an LED into a false ceiling light, you can manage the energy consumption in your space efficiently. They are also flexible hence can adjust in any given lampshade. They also last long and are devoid of mishaps occurring due to recurring usage.

If you’re looking at the various types of lights for your ceilings, we have a few options to get you covered.


Types of LED Ceiling Lights

You can get different types of LED Ceiling lights for each room in the market. Their variety makes them unique for various spaces, right from your homes to your offices. Stylize your living space with some beautiful ceiling light types from the house of Crompton.

LED Recessed Panel Lights

LED panel lights are great options for space saving solutions for your home or office. They can add radiance to any room by complementing the aesthetics of the space. Available in two options – round and square – these LED panel lights are a great investment and come with at least 2 years of warranty.

They are composed of an ultra-slim rim to give your space a sleek look. They have superior lumen efficiency with 100 lumen/watt for a brighter light.

LED Surface Panel Lights

These LED panel ceiling lights are very easy to adapt to any space. They have a slim panel adjustment to fit any ceiling. [5] [6] They emit a wider light spread and are also equipped with an anti-flicker technology to ensure there is minimum eyestrain while working or watching the television.

LED surface panel lights also make choices for types of ceiling lights for the bedroom. You can fit them in the corners of your ceiling or as per your room’s aesthetic to make the most of it.

LED Downlights

LED downlights are considered to be space-saving and energy-efficient options for your home. They can become a part of the downlighter without any hassles, and also become a great fit for new constructions, remodels and insulated or non-insulated ceilings for your space.

They have various colour settings to choose from and can be controlled by a dimmer as per your requirements. They are the ideal types of ceiling lights for the bedroom and set you in the mood instantly. They can also be fitted in the living room and provide a glare-free experience while using your gadgets or watching TV.

LED COB Lights

COB lights for the ceiling are equipped with superior technology to provide a wide emission of light spread in your space. They provide a more focused light output that can be fitted well in false ceilings for the home or office space.

They are considered to be beautiful decor lights and also last longer.

LED Tile Lights

LED tiles have robust fixtures to fit lights that have a wide spectrum. They can be adjusted with the help of a dimmer and are hence popular for both residential and commercial spaces.

They are affordable and consume less energy making great options as ceiling spotlights.


How can I choose the right LED Ceiling Light Type for my home?

To pick the ideal false ceiling light types, you need to look at 2 factors.

1. The size of your room:

Depending on how big or small your room or office space is, you can choose the types of light fixtures in the ceilings you desire. LED tile lights are great for bedroom spaces for both small and large bedrooms. Similarly, panel lights fit well in small spaces..

2. The light output you require:

While you can definitely adjust the brightness of the ceiling light types in your space, you can choose the perfect light fixtures basis the aesthetic of your rooms. LED tile lights are great for bedroom spaces while LED downlights work well for living areas. You can use panel LED lights and LED COB lights for higher light output in your office space.

Crompton’s LED Lights

Crompton’s range of ceiling light types are of premium quality and are available in superior designs for your home and office spaces. These multipurpose types of lights for the ceiling are ideal for any size or aesthetic. Here’s why –


 1. These types of LED lights for the ceiling can be used for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices.

 2. Since they are LED lights, they are great for limited power consumption and last for years at a stretch.

 3. These false ceiling light types from Crompton come with at least two years of warranty.

 4. They are devoid of mercury or UV radiation making them safe for you and the environment.

 5. They offer surge protection thus preventing any hazards at home.

 6. They are available in different colours to suit every mood and aesthetic.

 7. They can be fitted easily and can be locked in with just a twist.


So which types of ceiling lights are you purchasing to decorate your home or office? We’re here to help you with the best light decor tips.