What Type of Lighting is better for a Home Office?

  • 22 September

  • 2 Minutes Read

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Are you officially working from home post the pandemic? In that case, you’re one of the lucky ones! In order to work with the same enthusiasm as you would in your office, why not create a setup with the perfect office lighting?

You can build a home office with stylish desk lamps and carry out your work efficiently. Tame some inspiration for the best home office lighting for computer work that won’t strain your office and definitely does not consume too much power while you’re at it. We’ve already shared lighting tips to decorate your home. Now, head below to read tips to light up work work space.

Top 5 Home Office Lighting Ideas

The ideal work-from-home setup should be comfortable for your daily routine. It should make you feel right at the office, as lighting really affects your mood. The right set of light, will help you work efficiently on your device. Also, do not forget to use some cool white lights, as they set the right ambience for work. You can look at some office lighting ideas below to revamp your home office space in no time.

1. Smart LED Bulbs for a Work-from-Home Setup

To establish the ideal work-from-home lighting, you can try the Immensa Smart Base B22 Wi-Fi Enabled LED Bulb. It is considered to be one of the best lightings for home offices by allowing you the flexibility to pick from 16 million colour options. You can set up the perfect mood for working from home and can also control the brightness with a voice command. It can be operated via an Android or iOS device and used Amazon Alexa to follow your commands. With just a touch, you can navigate between millions of colours in seconds. The best part? It consumes very little power allowing you the comfort of having it switched on for hours.

2. Table Lamps

Do You know what is a great addition to your office space? Table lamps for home offices. They come as stylish desk lamps to not only raise the elegance of your work-from-home setup but also provide lighting that is comfortable for your eyes. Hence, they can be used at night with ease. They can be rotated at 360 degrees to adjust to your surroundings and also contain a touch switch to easily turn on and off. They run on the lowest voltage to make your wfh lighting energy-efficient.

3. LED Downlighters

You might not always have ample space in your work-from-home setup. In these cases, LED Downlighters are the best home office lights available in the market. They consume minimum power while providing the most optimum office lighting solutions. They are versatile and look great on both insulated and non-insulated ceilings. You can use their dimmer controls to adjust the brightness and work in a glare-free environment.

4. LED Strip & Rope Lights

One of the best home office lighting ideas includes the LED Strip & Rope Lights. They are flexible, and versatile and can be stuck to any corner of the wall or room as long as they are plugged into a power source. They are made of superior adhesive to last for the longest time. Controlled by a remote, they emit extra bright light which can be dimmed down as per your feasibility. They can range from 5 to 50 metres.

5. Candle Lamps

Usually used for decorative purposes, Candle Lamps provide a soothing effect and are great additions as home office lights. You can fit them in a lamp shade of your choice. They are available in a 3-star rating for extra brightness and savings on your overall electricity costs. They also offer voltage protection upto 440 KV to safeguard your home.

The Takeaway

The best way to spruce up your home lighting is by using decorative and safe options, especially when it comes to home office lighting ideas. Choose from Crompton’s exquisite range of home lighting varieties for different spaces – big or small.