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5 Lighting Tips To Complement Your Decor Style

  • 14 October

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Lighting provides the final touch to your décor style. Without proper lighting, all your decoration will seem odd or unimpressive. With old and outdated lighting fixtures, everything will look dull and cheap. By using LED Panel lights, you can bring in an element of glamour in your décor style.

If you are not aware of the best ways to upgrade lighting, this blog can enlighten you on the various types of lights, and how to properly use them. With a few lighting tips, you can upgrade your décor style, and provide an interior that you will fall in love with. Whether it is for your home or your working space, these expert tips will help you to bring the best out of your lighting, and design an interior with a sense of illumination.


Why Do You Require LED Panel Lighting?

The most important reason for LED Panel lighting is that it provides luminosity and eradicates the darkness while accentuating the important artwork and decoration.

They can also have different colours to accentuate areas or set a mood in the space. Depending on the type of environment and purpose, you will require different types of LED Panel l lighting for different areas. These may be through fake ceilings, cut out walls, and other cut out structures. The house may look good with all the paint, precious decorations, and valuables on display, but if you miss the lighting, you are missing the final touch that can upgrade your interior to the next level.


The Importance Of Identifying Your Needs

Before you start your lighting decoration, you need to understand what types of lights you require. Some LED Panel lights brighten up the whole room while.  some set up the tone for the room with dimmer settings. You also need to consider the power requirements if you are interested in electricity bill savings.

Gone are the days when the only option for lighting was a fluorescent lamp or a bulb. LED lights are trending in the market since they provide more lighting while being energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Depending on the luminous intensity and the uses, there are many types of LED panel lights.


Ambient Lights

These lights are dim and are sparsely covered throughout the fake ceilings and walls of the entire room. They help to increase the ambience and set the mood of the room. They are often used in rooms designed for entertainment, such as theatre rooms, seminar halls, and gaming centres.


Task Lights

These are brighter than ambient light but do not cover-up the entire room. These lights are placed next to a desk or table for specific tasks under proper lighting.

5 Lighting Tips To Complement Your Decor Style, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used mainly for decoration. It can add a subtle touch to your décor style. These lights can be placed near the floor shining upwards, or near artwork, paintings or any other collections to highlight them.


Lighting Tips

Here are the top-5 lighting tips that can complement your décor style:


1. Soft & Smooth Lighting

Do not fill your rooms with excessive lighting. Place your ceiling lights at a proper distance, and ambient lights along the walls, if necessary. Keep in mind that larger rooms will require more lighting. This combination is mostly recommended for bedrooms or any other place where you relax.

Soft and soothing lighting keeps your body and mind calm and helps you to get adequate rest and sleep. Besides, you can use table lamps, which can be switched on whenever you need to do some specific task. You can also use panel lights with a false ceiling to create a pleasurable experience.


2. Properly Install Multiple Accent Lightings

Accent lightings improve the elegance of your rooms and objects by reflecting around them and providing the correct amount of illumination. Use them around bookshelves, cupboards, below shelves, or anywhere else you feel necessary.

Install wall sconces along the wall to further decorate and brighten up areas. Don’t install these lights abundantly or they may over highlight areas, and that would look clumsy. You can use ultra slim rim lights to give a very photogenic effect to your artefacts.


3. Ideal For Study

Everybody knows about the importance of light while studying. Whether it is for you or the kids, proper installation of LED panel lights in your study room will create a better environment for learning.

Properly arrange ceiling lights with table lamps to create a peaceful environment for studying. With lesser lighting around the study area, you might not be able to concentrate on your work and may fall asleep. Moreover, studying under a dull light can also be hurtful to the eyes.

5 Lighting Tips To Complement Your Decor Style, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

For studying, the brightness of the light should be about 800-1100 lumens, with at least 50 lumens per square feet in terms of light spread over the surface area. With LEDs, it roughly amounts to 10-15 Watts. Cooler colour temperature can help to reduce strain in the eyes.


4. Lighting Your Entrance

Your entrance is where the décor starts. Light-up the entrance with modern LED panel lights leading to the drawing-room. Provide better lighting to the shoe rack and the plantations around the door.

If you like to impress your visitors, properly décor your front door as this is what anyone notices at their first visit to any new place. From the front door, install ceiling lights all the way up to the main hall. This will make it feel like an illuminated path that shows the direction to a room.


5. Ideal Color Distribution

Your choice of colours reflects your taste in several aspects. All your background walls and furniture will look faded until proper light falls on it. Bring your colourful furniture to life by optimizing your lighting to reflect the perfect colour.

Use the clever combination of ceiling lights and wall sconces to create a magical setting. In the end, you are trying to make an aesthetically pleasing location. To choose the right ceiling lights, read our guide.


Other Considerations

LED Panel Lights also come in various shapes and sizes, be it circular, square, and more. They also have fixtures for mounting on fake ceilings or walls. These days, you can also get easy installation for the lights with handmade cut-out portions.

Square LED panel lights can cost anything from 100-1100 INR according to quality and wattage, while fake ceiling round panels cost from 290- 1600 INR.