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Buy Crompton Halogen Online In India

Welcome the exclusive range of halogen lamps from Crompton. These conventional lighting products not only last three times longer than other incandescent bulbs but they also come with a higher number of lumens to give you a brighter outcome! Before delving into a buying decision, read on to know about the various features of Crompton halogen.

What are the Best Uses of Halogen?

Halogen light is a great option for commercial use. You will find these lamps in automotive headlamps, work lights, slide projectors and in under-cabinet lighting. There are outdoor applications for these lights as well. For example, lighting up a sports stadium or recreational badminton courts in apartment complexes. The lights used in such cases are halogen.

Features of Crompton Halogen

These lamps from the Crompton halogen range have some power-packed features.

Just like an LED lamp, these lamps contain no mercury. So when you are disposing of these lamps, you are not harming the environment.

When buying a light, brightness is something that you must consider. Even though these lamps fall in the general lighting category, they are much brighter than incandescent lamps. You can use these smartly designed lamps for leisure activities like reading a book or finishing up a work assignment.

Crompton gives you the choice of two different wattages depending on the kind of lighting you need. You can either choose the 500-watt bulb or the 1000-watt bulb. Both these bulbs are extremely powerful and would light up any room effortlessly. These lamps make your rooms look more open and brighter and all the colours in the room look more vibrant with a halogen light. The light from these lamps is more white toned when compared to incandescent bulbs.

Colour temperature has a huge impact on the power of the light from the lamp. However, in the case of halogen lights from Crompton, the colour temperature for both categories of lamps is the same so that the colour temperature won’t have any major effect.

These lamps are perfect for outdoor illumination too. If you are planning a party in your lawn or backyard, halogen lights are the way to go! Lamps from the Crompton are durable, making them an excellent long-term investment.