LED Surface Downlighter False Ceiling Light

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    Star Vega

    LED Surface Downlighter False Ceiling Light



    Rimless Surface Downlighter

    Easy to install with Twist & Lock method

    Smooth Light Distribution

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    Surface Ring Panel

    LED Surface Downlighter False Ceiling Light



    Light weight

    Space saving design

    Ultra Slim Construction

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Buy LED Surface Downlighters Online in India

Welcome the fantastic range of LED Surface Downlighters from Crompton! Easy to install, these lamps are perfect for uplifting your mood with their aesthetic designs and superior lighting. 

What are Downlights?

A downlighter is a type of lighting that is installed on your ceiling at places where a specifically selected area needs to be illuminated. They need to be placed at specific intervals for giving the area the right kind of lighting. 

There are different types of downlights, like surface downlighters and LED panel lights. In the case of surface downlighters, no false ceiling is required as these LED lights can be mounted directly on to the ceiling. When it comes to shape, these lamps are round in most cases, but you do get square lamps as well. 

Features and Benefits of Crompton LED Surface Downlights

Crompton offers you a wide variety of choices when it comes to LED Surface Downlighters for making your ceilings smarter and your rooms brighter! 

The lamps are lightweight and the installation is hassle-free. The surface downlighters can be installed using the twist and lock method. They will enhance the aesthetics of your beautiful home with their seamless and snug false ceiling installations. 

Place them anywhere in your home to enjoy smooth and even light distribution. Some downlighters also have a space-saving design and are ultra-slim in size. 

For softer lighting, you could go for the 6-watt downlighter that is the smallest size. If you need brighter lights, choose the 18-watt downlighter that is largest in terms of size. They also come with a 2-year warranty from Crompton. Some downlighters come in the 7 and 9-Watt range as well! You need to remember that the higher the wattage, the brighter your light.

Another option in the LED Surface Downlighters category to choose from for giving your ceilings a new look would be the Crompton LED panel light. Just like the surface downlighters, these panel lights don’t need any drilling either.

You get some great design choices with some lights having semi-metal panels with a metal collar while others have a full metal body.