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    Star Glow COB

    LED COB Light



    COB Technology (Chip on board)

    Controlled beam angle by reflector

    Adjustable viewing angle (60° angle)

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Buy LED COB Online in India

If you are looking at lighting options that light up your mood, then Crompton has the perfect solution for you! The LED COB light from Crompton provides superior lighting and is designed aesthetically to fit into false ceilings to give your home a feeling of warmth.

What are LED COB Lights?

This LED from Crompton uses COB or Chip on Board technology to set up the perfect ambience at home for you! It comes under the downlighter category and is installed on to your ceiling. It is used for lighting up compact, narrow spaces that add to the decor of the house like most downlighters.

The advanced technology used allows the LED COB to give out improved lighting as compared to other downlighters. The life expectancy of the lamp is also higher due to this very technology.

Features and Benefits of Crompton LED COB

Get ready for some amazing features and benefits from these technologically-enabled LED lights from Crompton.

Crompton has designed the LED COB light, especially for your needs! This lamp uses computer chip technology to provide you with efficient and high quality of lighting. These lights can give you an output of 75 lumens/watt while consuming less power.

Like other downlighters, you don’t need additional wires that might damage the aesthetics of your home. This lightweight and minimal light can be easily installed on to your ceiling or false ceiling like any regular panel light or downlighter.

With the controlled beam angle that the reflector provides and the flexible viewing angle, the LED COB light from Crompton allows you to change the direction of the light up to to 60 degrees to give you a highly adjustable viewing angle wherever you want it! This allows you to get the perfect lighting for any mood!

Considering the benefits that you receive and the affordable pricing, Crompton’s LED COB light is indeed an investment for the future. Along with all these features, you even get a choice on the type of lighting you want. These lights come in 3 different wattages and dimensions!

The colour temperature is the same across all variants, so that need not be considered while you are choosing the lamps. If you need a strong light, choose the 9-watt lamp, and for softer light, the 3-W lamp will do. The dimension of the lamps vary from 62 mm to 78 mm, so check these pointers before you buy LED lights online.

The benefits of using these lights are numerous and all you need to do is choose the variant that is most suited to your needs.