All About Immersion Rods – A Simple Solution for Solo Adventurer

  • 13 September

  • 5 Minutes Read

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If you’re a hosteller, or a solo traveller, or a bachelor moving from one destination to the next, you have probably faced a situation where you enter the bathroom and there is no hot water. Worst of all, there is no facility to heat up water. 

Even though you may not find a regular water heater everywhere you go, you can still enjoy a relaxing hot shower. There are several kinds of water heaters, and we will help you find the best water heater companion for your everyday needs with our immersion rods. 

With tight budgets leading to innovative solutions, an immersion rod is a must-have for every single person looking to not burn through their pockets while being assured of supreme quality. 

What an Immersion Rods Is, And How Does it Work

Immersion Rod

An immersion water heating rod is an appliance simply used to heat water. The two predominant kinds are direct and indirect. The obvious difference being that the direct one is placed in contact with the water, while the indirect one utilizes radiation or convection to heat the water without being in contact with it. 

The quantity of water is directly proportional to its heating time. But the quality of an immersion rod is what helps curb this time, allowing you to make it through your day, on time. 

Once plugged into the power source, the heating coil starts to warm up, transferring the heat to the water. The heating elements of the rod convert the electrical energy into heat and pass it on to the water. This ensures steaming hot water, ready for any purpose.

Benefits of using water heater rods

1. Efficient and quick hot water supply 

Quick heat transfer with minimum usage of electricity is one of the best ways to save time and money

2. Super easy to carry and needs less space 

Portability and being lightweight provide ease while having to travel, store and use as and when needed. 

3. Economically favourable compared to geysers

Geysers are most suitable while living at home. For solo travellers and college students living outside the comforts of their homes, the most economical option is to invest in an immersion rod instead of spending a chunk on buying a geyser.  

4. Immersion rods are highly energy efficient 

Clean energy generated while leaving no traces of pollutants or discharges makes water heater rods an ecologically sound option to consider. 

Safety tips for using immersion rods

Immersion Rod

Learn the quick don’ts of using an immersion rod:

1. Don’t leave the immersion rod unattended, they are operated manually and do not have an option to be auto-cut.

2. Don’t switch it on if it is not immersed in water and check the temperature of the water only after you turn off the switch.

3. Do not remove the immersion rod immediately, after turning it off, keep it immersed for at least 10 seconds for the heat to even out.

4. Metal is a good conductor of electricity. Do not ever use a metal bucket, it can lead to fatal accidents.

5. A plastic bucket is safe to use when making sure that the rod is not overheating. Carelessness will result in the bucket melting or the coil burning out.

6. Make sure that the bucket is more than 300mm deep and the water level at all times is adequate, never exceeding the maximum level marked on the immersion rod.

7. Do not buy cheap quality immersion rods, good quality ensures durability and safety.

Who can make the best use of immersion rods?

An immersion rod is an ideal budgeted appliance, with the added advantage of portability. It is best suited for every hosteller, traveller, or single individual –  living away from home.        

An immersion rod is economical and efficient. A geyser is a practical buy for a larger group of people staying put in one place.

Crompton’s Immersion water heater rods

Crompton offers supreme choices, having high standards of safety, durability, and longer usable life. 

Crompton’s rods feature a shockproof plastic handle for added safety and water level indicators helping determine the sufficient levels of water needed. These features make Crompton’s Immersion and Electric rods the best on the market. What are you waiting for? Before time runs out for your next lecture, buy the most economical and efficient immersion rods. If you want to choose a water heater for your home, let us help you!