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How to Choose The Right Geyser For Your Home

  • 13 September

  • 5 Minutes Read

Have you ever entered a large grocery store and completely forgotten what you needed to buy because you’ve been overwhelmed by the array of different products in front of you? The same thing can happen when you’re looking for the right water geyser for your home. You go online and simply search best water geyser for your home and you’re bombarded with a bunch of different water heaters from multiple brands. Fortunately, we’re here to make things easier for you. We’ll help you know all about water heaters, so that you buy just the right one for your home!

Choose the right water heater for your home

From analyzing the size of the water heater so it can fit in your bathroom easily to breaking down the technical features of a water heater while keeping in mind your electricity bills, here are a few important factors to consider when choosing a water heater for your home. 

1. Size of the water geyser (Tank volume)

You must consider how many people are going to be using the geyser, how often, and the size of your bathroom as well to pick the right size of your water heater. Picking a large-sized geyser for a small family means heating extra water, leading to electricity wastage. This is why the size of the water heater is an important factor in choosing the right geyser. Generally, storage water geysers are appropriate for larger families and instant water heaters are appropriate for smaller families. If you wish to buy a storage water heater, let us help you!

2. Safety level of water heater

Precaution and safety are crucial factors you cannot ignore. Hence, every Crompton electric water heater comes with a capillary thermostat, an automatic thermal cut-off, and a pressure release valve. Our advanced safety secures all parameters to protect against electric shocks in case of malfunction.

3. Time the geyser takes to heat water

The time it takes for water geysers to heat the water entirely depends on the tank’s volume. The bigger the tank, the longer it takes to heat. If you want instantly heated water, choosing a water heater with a small tank is advised. 

4. Water quality

Heating hard water can cause corrosion and damage the heating element in water geysers. So, how do you access heated water if your home is supplied with hard water? Don’t worry, Crompton is here to help you choose the right water heater for hard water.

Hard water residues settled at the bottom of the tank can affect the water heater’s performance. Crompton’s triple shield technology protects the heater’s tank and ensures that the water is heated effectively, restricting residue from settling in the tank. 

5. Water heater for high-rise buildings

Living in a high-rise building requires water heaters with a high-pressure bar for better regulation of water pressure. Considering the pressure is comparatively higher on the upper floors, you need geysers designed to endure it. Crompton geysers’ inner tank coating and anti-rust outer body ensure durability and sustainability despite the pressure. 

6. Power consumption

The best geysers are also energy efficient and help you reduce your electricity bill! Crompton’s heaters have a 5 Star Energy Efficiency rating, ensuring your savings don’t suffer. 

The high-grade eco-friendly PUF insulation ensures high heat retention, and the smart design with a standby cut-off consumes less electricity, reducing your bills by a wide margin!

7. Warranty

Considering the product’s warranty is a crucial step before making your purchase. Crompton’s 2 year warranty period can save you repair costs in a situation where your water heater breaks down unexpectedly. 

8. Price

The cost of the water heater depends on the kind of features and benefits it provides. At Crompton, you can get the best geysers for 4,000-6,000/-. However, if you’re going for a storage heater, you may get it within 7,000-11,000/-. 

So, you can look for a water heater according to your budget and the features you require to find your perfect fit.

9. Smart Water Heaters

If you’re looking for a heater that does more than just a conventional one, we’ve got you covered. With Crompton, you can access smart water heaters that connect to your phone and WiF, and you can schedule and personalize water heating!

Additionally, our smart water geysers also sync with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to enable smart voice control. 

If you were looking up ‘best geyser for home’ online with no luck, we hope our geyser buying guide helped you understand what to look for and assisted you in making the right purchase! 

Crompton water geysers provide several performance-enhancing features that keep your water heater secure and durable for a long time. Make a smart purchase today for a comfortable and safe water heating experience. 

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