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Here’s Why You Need To Switch To Smart Lighting

  • 30 July

Smart LED Lights - Crompton Smart LED Lights - Crompton

As we continue to switch to newer smart appliances with new technologies, home lighting is also getting smarter. If you’re still waiting to shift to smart appliances for your home, smart LED lights are a good place to start. Compared to traditional lighting, smart lights give you more control over your electrical usage and offer some amazing benefits in addition. Wondering why you need smart lights for your home? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider doing it. 


Remote Control

When it comes to the best smart bulb feature, remote control is one of the most popular ones that are high in demand. Who wouldn’t like to control their lights from the comfort of their beds and couches? Crompton’s Immensa series can easily connect to your WiFi and can be controlled at the touch of a finger. 

All the controls for the Immensa smart bulbs are available through Crompton’s MyCrompton app. You can even group multiple lights together and control them as a group or individually control every light. It can also connect to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to operate on voice commands. Here’s how you can make your lights work smartly. Here is a guide to help you access the MyCrompton app.


Here’s Why You Need To Switch To Smart Lighting, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited



If you are someone who loves sticking to a particular schedule, then smart lighting is the perfect fit for you. Need to streamline your routine even more and want to switch your lights on and off at a particular time? You can easily do that with the MyCrompton app. 


Personalized Scenes

One of the most playable features of remote-control lighting is the ability to personalize your lights. Smart LED lights allow you to customize the brightness and color of the lights which can set the mood for different events. Create a warm and dim scene for a dinner party or go full dim and cold for a horror movie marathon. Whatever your event or routine, there’s a customization for it. With 830 lumens, Crompton’s lights are dimmable and tunable. You can fine-tune your lights as you switch between warm, cool, and natural white modes. 


More Colour Options

The color options available in smart lighting through a single bulb are another major playable feature that makes it a popular choice. Unlike traditional LED bulbs, smart bulbs offer multiple color options that can be controlled with a remote or your smartphone. Adjusting colours according to your mood has never been easier. Switch to a different color when engrossed in a book or set the mood with dim lights when watching a movie. Crompton offers the option to switch between 16 million colours including three different shades of white. 


Here’s Why You Need To Switch To Smart Lighting, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Energy-Efficient & Cost-Efficient

Electricity and voltage fluctuations are the most common cause behind lights being damaged. Crompton’s Immensa bulbs come with technical features that offer it protection from electricity and voltage fluctuations. This further prevents the bulbs from being damaged quickly and adds to their long life. 

Moreover, you can save a lot of bucks with smart lighting. LED options in smart lights for home ensure that you are using much less energy to light the same rooms when compared to traditional lights. With the dimming features, your electricity bills can be even lower. LED bulbs also have a longer shelf life than regular bulbs and can last up to 25 times longer.

With advanced features and the ease of accessibility with the MyCrompton app, Crompton’s smart lighting is easy to use and navigate. They are budget-friendly and come in two options with one-touch control to adjust and change colours. Bring home #LimitlessPossibilites with Crompton’s Smart LED Lights! Know more about Smart LED lights, only on Crompton!