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Our Guide To Saving Time In The Kitchen With MaxiGrind Technology

  • 4 June

Doesn’t Indian food without its spicy, tangy and aromatic masalas, chutneys, purees just sound…incomplete? We think so, too! Here’s our guide to your favourite Indian food items. All these wonderful preparations are made with the help of a mixer grinder. It is not only helpful for preparing a wide variety of tasty food but it also reduces the cooking time considerably. Read on to find out more on how you can save time in the kitchen with a mixer grinder!

Mixer grinders have been a part of Indian households for the longest time. They are an efficient, time-saving appliance which is why Crompton has introduced its own range of various types of Mixer Grinders. Equipped with the revolutionary MaxiGrind technology, it combines design and technology to give you an enhanced grinding experience.

A fine example of the way MaxiGrind technology works would be Crompton’s Ameo Mixer Grinder. Maxigrind technology ensures finer results and also saves time. It comes equipped with sharp and ergonomically designed blades to optimise the grinding process. These blades rotate in a way that allows creates an intense radial and axial flow which make the ingredients fall in the centre. The jar design with flow breakers ensures the ingredients are directed towards the blade instead of sitting on the side which ensures a 10% finer, more uniform and effective grind as compared to other conventional mixers and grinders.

In various parts of the country, it is common for a mixer grinder to be used on a daily basis. Here’s our guide to pamper your grinder. In most conventional mixer grinders, the rotational movement can cause it to heat up which can be detrimental for the product in the long term. Not only that but the heat generated can also alter the flavour of the ingredients and also affect the cooking results. With 10% less time taken for grinding, Ameo mixer ensures better retention of flavours and essential oils.

Crompton mixers also come with Motor Vent-X technology that lowers the product body temperature by 10%. It uses a more balanced cooling airflow circuit that ensures that your mixer grinder doesn’t overheat. This helps prolong the lifetime of the product and also decreases the overall energy consumption, thereby reducing your electricity bill as well. Efficient, right?

Apart from its superior performance, Crompton’s Ameo Mixer Grinder also brings elegance to your kitchen with its aesthetic as well as functional design. Equipped with user-friendly and sound jar handles for a tighter grip and a chrome-plated knob for easy access, this mixer grinder is the perfect home appliance for you! Use a Crompton grinder to make your favourite Indian delicacies at home.

For more information on how Ameo works, here’s a link to an online video that will help you understand the working of Ameo’s efficient grinding process better! You can also check out the Crompton’s exclusive range of mixer grinders and extended family of home appliances for food preparation online on our website!