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How To Clean Your Mixer Grinders Effectively

  • 15 September

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Can you think of a day without your mixer grinder in the kitchen? Probably not. Mixer grinders have always been an integral part of the kitchen’s hustle and bustle. But now, they are more important than any other appliance because of their versatility. They cut, puree, grind and whip any given ingredient in a matter of seconds. 

Cleaning it after every use or once a week, the choice is yours. Bear in mind that any home appliance goes through wear and tear, so it’s better to take care of your mixer grinder regularly so that it doesn’t completely stop and becomes a piece of unused technology. 

There are many ways to clean a mixer grinder, from simple methods to elaborate ones that can get the tough stains out. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Your choice of liquid detergent

This is a fool-proof method to clean a mixer grinder daily after every use. Soaps are often a go-to choice for cleaning any utensils, but liquid detergent makes cleaning easy for you as a few drops do the job. 

Step 1: Drop the liquid detergent right into the used mixer grinder and give it a nice swirl with a little bit of water. 

Step 2: Let the solution sit and then rinse the mixer grinder jar with clean water. 


Use lemon peel 

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to clean your mixer grinders. Lemons have citric acid that cut down the stubborn grease and the anti-bacterial properties help sanitise the mixer grinders. In addition, lemon peels can fight stains and a pungent smell that is tough for a detergent to wash. 

Step 1: Take some lemon peel and rub it around the lids and inside of the mixer grinder. 

Step 2: Rinse your mixer with water after 15 minutes.

Note: Another way to use lemons is by mixing the lemon juice with your liquid detergent. Try adding some lemon juice with the liquid detergent to shine your mixer grinders. 


Use baking soda paste 

Baking soda effectively cleans batter and purees that have been sitting inside the mixer for a while.  It has mild alkaline properties that have the ability to clean tough grease that easily dissolves in water. You will see the difference by adding the extra step to your cleaning routine. To start:

Step 1: Add equal amounts of water and baking soda to the mixer grinder jar.

Step 2: Turn on the mixer for a couple of seconds and pour out the mixture.

Step 3: If you still see some stains, wash them off with lukewarm water and soap. 


Use vinegar with water

In an Indian household, curries are the heart of any meal and this means an almost-daily use of mixer grinders. Cooking with masalas regularly can mean more tough stains if they aren’t cleaned properly.  A solution of vinegar and water can help you get rid of these stains easily. 

Step 1: Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with some water and pour it into the mixer. 

Step 2: Grind the solution for a few seconds and then wash it off with water. 

You could also use the same vinegar-water mix to spray on the outer body of the mixer jar to clean any spills. 


Use rubbing alcohol

This method is effective in killing the germs that stay back even after cleaning any surface or utensil. Rubbing alcohol is generally used for disinfecting hands and surfaces but it can also be efficient in cleaning mixer grinders. The diluted solution contains 70% of alcohol and 30% water. Ideally, it would be best if you opted for rubbing alcohol that has 60-80% of alcohol in it as anything less than 60% would not have the ability to kill the germs. 

Step 1: Begin with washing your mixer grinder with liquid detergent. 

Step 2: Then, spray the alcohol or wipe it with a towel as per your choice. Let the alcohol sit for about 30 seconds to a minute. 

Note: Do not wash the mixer grinder after applying rubbing alcohol to the surface as it would defeat the purpose of using alcohol. Also, wear gloves and use a soft cloth to apply rubbing alcohol on the mixer grinder. Let the rubbing alcohol evaporate before you grind anything in the mixer. 

Cleaning your mixer grinder regularly or in a week is just one of the ways to take care of your mixer grinder. Make sure to keep your mixer grinder in a safe spot in your kitchen which has plenty of space so you reduce the chances of making a mess. 

If you’re looking for a mixer grinder that needs less maintenance, Ritz and Ameo Neo from Crompton’s ProCare series of mixer grinders come with patented N9 Plastix technology that ensures the health and hygiene of the product. All of the ProCare series mixer grinders also come with anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties that prevent microbial growth and keep it fresh.

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