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How To Choose Ceiling Lights For Different Rooms

  • 22 December

There is a fine line between a house and a home, usually created with minor details like lighting. Installing the right lighting in your home can ooze the feeling of hospitality, while a wrong call can ruin the entire décor instantly. With proper lighting, your home’s overall comfort rises a notch, and routine house chores become simple.

As lighting holds such importance, buying the correct lighting is crucial for every household nowadays. But with the market filled with an abundance of options, choosing the best lighting becomes difficult. It is even more difficult to double down on lighting for different rooms.

You can go for the latest LED ceiling lights to enhance your home’s aesthetics, or you can make an efficient call with LED bulbs. Nevertheless, it is evident that the task is significantly confusing. So here is a brief guide to buying the right lights for different rooms in your home.

How To Choose The Correct Lights For Your Home

You first need to understand the fundamentals of lighting to choose the best ones.

1. Understand the feel you want in the space.

2. More lights do not mean better lighting. Go for a quality approach rather than quantity. Consider factors such as brightness, style, and ease of installation too. 

3. A good lighting design matches the space. Like a kitchen needs to be brightly lit while a study room requires a lamp.

4. Install LED lights in areas that need lights and keep an ambient light level elsewhere.

5. Weigh out both artificial and natural lights before designing the space.

Different Types Of Lighting

Here are the four generally-used lights you need to know about:

1. Directional/Task: Focuses on a specific area where an activity takes place.

2. Ambient: Soft lighting to propose an ambient glow in the space.

3. Accent: Adds drama and décor to the space.

4. General: Merges every source and usually involves overhead lighting.

Best Lighting For Living Rooms

You spend a considerable time in the living room, so enhancing the room’s ambience is crucial. Since this space gathers the crowd, you can use the occasion to show off your artworks and textures. For that to go well, you can install accents in the room.

Accent lighting can help steer the attention to a particular spot, and it can even define specific zones in the space. Accents maintain the overall mood of the room pleasant and subtle while offering adequate lighting as well.

How To Choose Ceiling Lights For Different Rooms, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

You can also opt for dimmer switches or LED lights to improve the general lighting of the room. This way, you can adjust the lighting to set the mood better, such as low lights for soft vibes and bright lights for cheerfulness. Crompton’s Twilight Batten comes with a Night mode which can easily be toggled to go from bright light to a diffused warm white light to create a more relaxing ambience.  

Best Lighting For Bedrooms

Choosing the correct lighting for a bedroom entirely depends on your personality traits and habits. If you spend most of your day in the bedroom, you would have different requirements from others who mostly use bedrooms only for sleeping. Though you need to set your priorities before making a decision, LED ceiling lights are the go-to call for your bedroom.

If you wish to maintain serenity in the space, adding a modern LED ceiling light is ideal. They cater to add a sense of calm while keeping the room cool. On the other hand, a glass ceiling light can improve the overall appeal of your room. The latter is beneficial for families who like to spend some time in their bedroom.

How To Choose Ceiling Lights For Different Rooms, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited


Best Lighting For Kitchens

Kitchens are an integral part of every house, so keeping them well-lit is crucial. This space is used to prepare meals, so it must maintain an apt lighting level. Since the area involves several time-consuming activities, installing modern LED bulbs is a good idea.

They are bright, durable, and moderate the overall temperature as well. Plus, advanced LED bulbs from Crompton do not hinder the looks of your kitchen either.  If anything, they enhance the look of your modern kitchen while maintaining apt lighting for long periods. Hence, LED Lights are a must have in the kitchen

You can also install cabinet lighting to eliminate shadows from the counters while illuminating the workspace.

Best Lighting For Bathrooms

Although the bathroom is not the first thought that crosses your mind when it comes to lighting, the modern lifestyle forces many to spend hours in the space. With stress and work pressure burdening many of us, everyone loves to take long baths at the end of the day. That is why you need to invest a bit in finding the best lighting for this space.

Generally, halogen bulbs are preferred for bathrooms, but nowadays, people prefer fluorescent and LED lights. They keep the space well-lit to eliminate any blind spot leading to injuries while improving the space’s look. To get maximum brightness while maintaining a stylish look, you can go for Star Lord LED panels which come with an ultra-slim rim and provide 100 Lumens/Watt.  

Another viable option for you is installing recessed lights to focus on specific areas like mirrors, showers, and drawers.

Recessed lights are a hit with the coming generation, and understandably so. They ooze modernity while enhancing the space’s overall décor.


Lighting is an essential part of our routine life, and while we mostly take it for granted, choosing the best one for different spaces is challenging. Hopefully, going through the information and mentioned suggestions will help you understand your lighting needs better. Implement the tips and choose the best lighting for your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom.