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5 Reasons To Bring Home A Crompton Mixer Grinder

  • 13 August

Crompton - mixer Crompton - mixer

Making food is even more fun when cooking with the best of appliances. One such versatile appliance that makes cooking easier is the mixer grinder. Want to whip up some cream? Mixer. Need some fine paste for your recipe? Grinder.

From grinding to making a puree, a mixer does it all. In addition to being versatile, there are a lot of other benefits that mixers offer. Here are 5 reasons you need to bring home a Crompton mixer grinder today! Here’s why you should get a Crompton mixer:


MaxiGrind Technology

Crompton’s premium range of mixers including the best-selling Ritz and Ameo series are fitted with the MaxiGrind technology to give you a superior experience. The technology provides faster service and a 10% finer grind. It further gives the mixer overheat protection by allowing proper ventilation when the mixer is in use. Due to this technology, the mixers are able to grind the toughest of ingredients in a matter of seconds.


Motor Capacity

Another feature that makes Crompton’s mixers a must-have is their motor capacity. They are fitted with high performing motors which ensure that the appliances can run for longer durations at one stretch. Made with 100% copper, this motor is super-efficient and requires minimum power to function.

Even with a high-performing motor, you can enjoy your finest grinding experience with minimum noise. Moreover, they come with motor safety features like the resettable overload protector that cuts off the power and prevents the mixer from overheating.


Ergonomic Design

Depending on the model you choose, Crompton offers a variety of leak-proof and stainless steel jars with the mixer. All the jars have effective flow breakers and sharp blades that are specially designed to make it easier to use the mixer. The appliance comes with chrome-plated knobs and occupies minimum space in your kitchen. With an aesthetically pleasing design, these mixers fit in well with the interiors of your home.



Packed with advanced features and superior performance, Crompton provides the best Indian mixer grinders at a budget-friendly price. The mixer price range starts from as low as Rs. 3.5K and goes up to Rs. 7K.



You can buy Crompton’s mixer grinder online and enjoy a warranty of 2 to 5 years on the motor depending on the model and two years on the appliance.

If you are looking to switch to a new mixer grinder, you should definitely bring home the Ameo Neo variant. The model comes with a motor capacity of 750 Watts and the motor uses the Motor VentX technology for enhanced air circulation. The 100% copper motor and overload protection feature adds to the lifespan of the mixer grinder.

You can now make sauces, purees, and grind tough ingredients in a jiffy without compromising on the taste of your dishes. With all these benefits combined with the stylish and aesthetic design, Crompton mixer grinders ensure that you have a hassle-free grinding experience!

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