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How to Mount a Wall-Hanging Fan?

  • 15 May

We have often witnessed wall-mounted fans in office and commercial spaces. But ever wondered how these appliances can easily be installed? One of the most economical yet efficient fans is the wall-hanging fan. This article brings you everything you must know about a wall-hanging fan and the process of wall fan installation.


What is a Wall Mounted Fan?


Let’s begin by answering this most important question. A wall mounted fan is a type of compact, oscillating fan that is mounted on the wall of a space that requires air circulation. Such a hangable fan can be an ideal choice for circulating a refreshing breeze in smaller spaces like studio rooms, restrooms, kitchens, hallways, etc.

Installing a ceiling fan necessitates at least an 8-foot height difference between the ceiling and the floor of the space. However, certain spaces tend to become cluttered and hot during the summer. In such instances, these spaces demand air circulation regardless of whether the 8-foot height criterion is met or not. In times like these, all you have to do is mount a fan on the wall.

Let’s learn about the wall fan fitting process.

1. Select the Preferred Height

These fans don’t demand floor space or ceiling space; hence, they make an ideal choice for compact spaces.

When deciding where to place your wall-mounted fan, consider important factors like child safety, visual appeal, and airflow. Once you have decided on the ideal height, you will have to mark the area with a pencil or special marker.

Quick Tip: Always place the fan at the appropriate height, especially when you have small kids and have to install it beyond their reach for safety purposes. Install the wall fan at a height at which it can be easily turned on and off.

2. Find an Electric Switch Near it

The wall fitting fan must be ideally located near the power outlet for ease of turning it on and off. An electric switchboard is required closer to the wall bracket fan because, unlike ceiling fans, these fans come with a wire you will have to plug in for air circulation in the space. Keeping it closer to the fan will help you keep the wire in place without impacting the aesthetics of your room.

How to Install a Wall-mounted Fan: Step-by-Step Procedure


  1. To begin, mount the wall fan by simply putting the rear guard over the motor shaft, ensuring that the notches are perfectly aligned and secured with the locking nut.
  2. Then, after positioning the fan blade and aligning it with the flat portion of the motor shaft, fasten the blade cap by rotating it anticlockwise.
  3. Then, secure the front guard’s centre hook to the middle of the rear guard.
  4. Now, secure it by placing the guards together before they end up locking into place.
  5. Then, you must secure the locking clip.
  6. As an additional safety measure, you must ensure the locking of the guard bottom nuts and screws.
  7. Before you secure its mounting plate and begin with wall fan installation, you must find or fix a stud on the wall.
  8. Now, once you are done securing the mounting plate, attach the wall fan mounting bracket to the fan’s plate.
  9. Choose a convenient location for the wall fan bracket and securely attach it to the wall, preferably close to an electrical outlet. Insert your wall fan onto the bracket by moving the notch (at the back of your wall fan base) onto the bracket. You must ensure that your wall fan is securely mounted on the fan.


Crompton’s Wall-Mounted Fans


Crompton wall fans are meticulously designed and crafted to look exceptionally appealing, provide incredible air delivery, be energy efficient, and ensure high performance in the space of the installation. These wall fans require less space, have a wide oscillation with motorised control, and are quite safe thanks to the finger-proof grill each fan comes with. What makes Crompton wall fans the best additions to your home is that they provide amazing airflow, are easy to maintain, and are perfect for small spaces. 

We hope this article helped you understand the process of wall fan installation thoroughly. If you haven’t already purchased the best wall-mounted fan for your home or office, you must explore the efficient Crompton wall fans now! If you’re confused about choosing between a table fan and a wall fan, our blog will help you pick what’s best for you!




 1. How to Rotate a Wall Fan?

At the bottom of each wall fan, there are two extension wires. One of which you can use to control the speed, and the other is responsible for the rotation of the wall fan.