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    Wet Grinder



    Vent-X Technology for longer life

    25% Energy & Time Saving

    160 Watts Power Capacity

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Buy Wet Grinder Online in India

Great cooking requires the best food processing tools. The Crompton wet grinder can become an invaluable kitchen asset. A wet grinder can produce the consistent batter that you require for your puffy idlis, crispy dosas, and lip-smacking chapatis. Crompton Table Top Wet Grinder makes the task even easier, as it comes with attachments to knead flour for chapattis or pizza.

The Indian kitchen makes use of grain batter for a multitude of dishes. Thanks to Crompton wet grinders, kitchens have become swift, efficient and convenient. 

In the past, only affluent households could afford a wet grinder. Today, anyone can buy a wet grinder online in India for their kitchen. Knowing the features of the Crompton wet grinder before buying can help you to make the right decision.

Features of Crompton Wet Grinder

While purchasing a wet grinder, the key is to look for these features. It includes good quality, safety, efficiency, and warranty at an affordable price.

The Crompton Table Top Wet Grinder is a marvel of engineering. It has cylindrical grooved stones and a controlled flow that pushes stuck material towards the centre for even grinding.

The most important part of a wet grinder is its motor. The Crompton Table Top Wet Grinder has a 160-watt high capacity motor that is perfect for household needs. It is also highly durable and reliable in the long run. Additionally, the superior Vent-X technology in Crompton Wet Grinder provides enhanced ventilation to disperse heat. Thus, it helps to cool the motor and prevent any damage to it.

Crompton Table Top Wet Grinder is also highly energy efficient. It requires 25 per cent lesser energy and grind-time than most grinders. Hence, in addition to faster cooking, it also helps to save costs.

Cleaning a grinder can be painstaking. Crompton Wet Grinder’s unique design provides ease of cleaning with its specially designed contours. Hence, it also prevents the growth of unwanted moulds in the grinder.

The Crompton Table Top Wet Grinder has an aesthetically pleasing ABS shockproof body that provides safety to the user. Moreover, the body also consists of an unbreakable lid and a rust-proof anti-corrosion, food-friendly steel drum. The package also comes with accessories for different kinds of uses in the kitchen.

The warranty period of Crompton Wet Grinder is two years on the motor, and two years in the body. Hence, even if there is some problem during operation, you will get free replacement of genuine company parts and free servicing.