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Buy Crompton Dry Iron Online in India

Crompton presents an exciting range of dry iron and steam iron options to choose from. These stylish and innovative Electric Irons ensure that you always get wrinkle-free clothing with every press!

Things To Look For When Buying Dry Iron

When you are buying a dry iron online, you need to look at certain things like garment care instructions, wattage, and soleplate coating.

When you buy clothes, the material varies. You need to check the garment care instructions for the type of ironing required. Only clothes that are compatible with ‘dry irons‘ should be ironed using this type.

Higher wattage means higher power and faster heating of the iron. The dry iron comes in different wattages so you can choose one that fits your requirements. The wattage varies from 500-to 1500 watts and more.

To ensure quality maintenance of your clothes, Dry Irons come with two layers of high-quality non-stick coating which ensures smooth gliding and long-lasting durability.

The soleplate coating protects the fabric from any damage. There are a variety of coatings available with the Crompton iron such as American heritage, golden coating, and Teflon. The curved edges and broader surface area of the soleplate in Dry Irons make ironing much easier.

Features of Crompton Dry Iron

The fantastic features that Crompton irons provide make it one of the best dry irons in India. These features are non-stick coating, powerful heating element, temperature control, safety protection, fabric selector, flexible cord, warranty, ergonomic design and a durable ABS Body.

The Crompton dry iron comes with a powerful heating element. You can regulate the temperature according to your needs with the variable temperature control that offers six different fabric settings.

Keeping your safety in mind, the Crompton iron offers overheat safety protection with all ironing products. The iron tends to heat up when you are ironing your clothes, and this feature ensures that the heating is regulated and there are no electrical problems.

The easy-grip fabric selector ensures that you don’t hurt yourself while changing the settings and the shockproof plastic handles help in preventing any accidents. Ironing is made easy with Crompton irons’ 360-degree swivel cord that allows you to move the iron as required. This makes your ironing experience hassle-free and convenient!

Along with all these benefits, the dry iron comes with a 2-year warranty. The rust-free and durable ABS body makes sure that your iron lasts a long time. The ergonomic design helps with proper functioning. The price of Crompton irons is made highly affordable to suit all budget types!