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Buy Kitchen Fan At Best Price Online in India

Crompton kitchen fans are the best way to make sure you stay cool as a cucumber in the kitchen even while you are cooking! These kitchen fans provide focused airflow for an unmatched cooling experience. No more stress about the scorching Indian summer, get ready to enjoy the great joys of convenience and comfort while cooking your favourite meal! 

Kitchen Fans Features

Crompton kitchen fans available at a little over 3000/- INR comes with many fantastic benefits that give you an enjoyable cooking experience! 

Focused Airflow:

The focused airflow of Crompton’s Air Buddy directs the air at you while you work in the kitchen without disturbing the gas flame. The soft, breeze helps you keep cool at all times!

Maximum Portability: 

The Crompton air buddy is easy to move about due to its portable nature. You don’t need to worry about standing in front of the fan any more, Crompton’s kitchen fans will direct the air at you no matter where you are in the kitchen. It is perfect for compact spaces and also delivers cool air instantly in whichever area we point Air Buddy. 

Controlled airflow

You can control and regulate the airflow as per your needs while you cook food. This means no more worrying about blowing out the gas flames from your kitchen stove. Crompton air buddy comes with adjustable louvers which ensures that you get cool breeze at all time in any desired direction! 

Flexible Installation

Installation is easy for the Crompton air buddy. With its sleek design, you can easily fix it to the platform, mount it on any wall, place it vertically or horizontally under your cabinet. The fan also comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual. 

Safe for Children

This fan is blade-free which helps prevent any serious accidents and makes it safe for children to be around. 

Complete Portability to Enjoy Sweat-Free Kitchen

When you are cooking, you cannot stay in one place! A unique feature of Crompton air buddy is that it is entirely portable and can be placed in any corner of your kitchen. You need not worry about the unbearable heat while cooking anymore.

Easy Maintenance Kitchen Fans

The easy-to-operate and efficient kitchen cooling fans from Crompton have another huge advantage. You don’t need a maintenance expert to keep these fans clean! All you need is a cloth to wipe the outer frame of the fan which can be done in one shot! 

The filters are removable and cleaning them is easy, too. It takes very little effort and time to maintain these efficient and long-lasting fans. 

Crompton Air Buddy is an affordable solution to all your cooling problems in the kitchen. It is priced at INR 3,500.