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With the wide range of exhaust fans from Crompton, you get excellent air circulation at all times, even in confined places like your kitchen or bathroom.

Some Amazing Exhaust Fans Features

Some exciting features that you get from a Crompton exhaust fan are automatic dust protection, odourless air, protective screen, long life and various switch modes. These fans have aerodynamic blades that give you faster speed.

You get complete protection from dust with the automatic shutter feature found in exhaust fans from Crompton. Get ready for an ultra-healthy cooling experience!

The powerful air suction provided by the Crompton exhaust fan ensures odourless, clean air every time you switch it on. With this feature, it’s time to say goodbye to kitchen odour! To ensure no birds are harmed and no foreign material gets in, exhaust fan comes with a protective metal bird screen!

The sturdy, rust-proof metal body and metal blades ensure a long life for your exhaust fan and prove to be great value for money, too. With these exhaust fans, you can shift from exhaust mode to fresh air mode with a click of a button!

Crompton Stylish Fans

Stylish and sleek exhaust fans from Crompton come with a sturdy metal body for flawless performance! You get different types of exhaust fans for a variety of uses.

When it comes to choosing an exhaust fan, you need to keep the sweep size in mind and the area of the place where you will be installing the fan. The greater the area, the higher the sweep size.

A heavy-duty exhaust fan is meant for industrial use. The sweep size of such fans is larger compared to other categories of exhaust fans. These fans come with a heavy-duty motor and are coated with epoxy powder for stiffer resistance to stronger fumes found in factories.

To make the time you spend in your kitchen a pleasant experience, Crompton has introduced kitchen exhaust fans. These smartly designed fans make your kitchen odour and smoke-free! With higher air delivery, all the stale air is sucked out of your kitchen almost instantly!

If you have a small bathroom or a kitchen in your house, then using compact, small exhaust fans is a must! The dimensions of the room affect the size of the fan you choose. With small exhaust fans, your bathroom remains clean and hygienic every time you use it!

Exhaust Fan Price Range

The high-performance Crompton exhaust fan comes at an attractive and economical price range of INR 1300-2330/-. The high quality and durability of these fans from Crompton make them the perfect investment for the future of your home!