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Smart Lighting:

Q) Can multiple light points be connected to the MyCrompton app simultaneously?

Yes, the MyCrompton app can handle multiple light points simultaneously. However, if you’re facing issues, add each device individually, by turning them on one at a time.

Q) Can my lights be controlled when I’m away from home?

Yes, you can control the devices from anywhere, provided they are connected to the internet.

Q) Can all my family members control the same light point through the MyCrompton App?

Yes, the first person to add the device on the MyCrompton app is the Administrator. The Admin can then add family members and can alter privileges for each member. The added members will gain access to all the registered devices. You can do so by going to your Profile –> Home Management –> Home Name –> Add a new family.

Q) After the lights are paired with the MyCrompton app, can I turn them on and off using the main switch?

“Yes, the lights can be turned on and off using the main switch. However, the bulbs will retain the last setting made on the MyCrompton app. If the lights remain off after the main switch is turned on, you will need to turn the main switch ON-OFF-ON.”

Q) What is the warranty period?

The warranty period is of 1 year.

Q) Can I use the MyCrompton app to operate lamps from other brands?

Only Crompton smart lighting devices and appliances can be controlled using the MyCrompton app.

Q) Is there a demo available to help me set up the lights?

Yes, you can access multiple videos and manuals online to get help with the setup process.

Q) Will the MyCrompton app be updated periodically?


Q) Who can I contact in case of product queries and assistance

You can reach out to our customer service representatives on 1800-419-0505 between Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Q) Can I return or replace the product from the place of purchase


Q) Will I get notified if someone else is controlling my lighting devices manually or through the MyCrompton app?

The current version of the MyCrompton app does not send notifications. Nevertheless, if the device is online, you can check it’s the latest status through the app.

Q) Can I share access to specific bulbs with my family members?

The Admin can limit the number of bulbs that can be accessed by family members by choosing “device sharing” for each bulb, individually. This option is only available for Wi-Fi enabled bulbs.

Q) Can I share my account with my tenant?

Yes, you can share your account with the tenant in the same way you share it with a family member.

Q) What fixtures are compatible with the smart bulbs?

Any fixture that is compatible with either the B22 holder or E27 holder is compatible with the smart bulbs.

Q) Can I use the smart bulbs in enclosed fixtures?


Q) Can I use the smart bulbs with the Apple home kit?

The Apple home kit is not supported at present, but we will consider it in the near future.

Q) How many colours does the Crompton smart bulb support?

16 million + tunable whites.

Q) Do the smart bulbs need a hub or a bridge to function?

Bluetooth enabled bulbs do not require a hub as they directly communicate with your smartphone. Wi-Fi enabled bulbs require a stable internet connection for you to gain access to the bulb.

Q) How bright is the bulb?

The brightness of the bulb varies between models. You can check the total lumen output of the bulb on the packaging.

Q) Can external dimmers be used with Crompton smart bulbs?

The MyCrompton app is already equipped with the dimming function, so external dimmers are not required.

Q) What is the voltage range within which the smart bulbs operate?

The smart bulbs work in voltage conditions as low as 140V and as high as 270V.

Q) Can I simultaneously control a group of smart bulbs with just one touch?

Yes, the same type of bulbs can be grouped and controlled with one touch via the MyCrompton app.

Q) Can the smart bulbs work with any type of Wi-Fi router?

Yes, the smart bulbs can work with all standard Wi-Fi routers that support 2.4GHz bandwidth.

Q) Can I connect these smart bulbs with portable hotspot (such as Wi-Fi stick)?

Yes. The smart bulbs can be connected to any hotspot that provides a stable Wi-Fi network.

Q) I recently changed my Wi-Fi router. Do I need to pair the smart bulbs with the MyCrompton app again?

Yes. If the router’s name and password have changed, then you will need to unpair all the devices and add them to the MyCrompton app again.

Q) Will the smart bulbs retain previous settings in case of a power outage or disconnection?

Yes, the smart bulbs retain all previous settings made in the MyCrompton app.

Q) Does this smart bulb save more energy compared to other LED bulbs?

You can save more energy by controlling the intensity of the bulb using the MyCrompton app.

Q) What is the life of the bulb?

The smart bulbs have 25,000 LED burning hours.

Q) Will the bulb work on an inverter?


Q) What is 2700K – 6500K colour temperature?

A higher colour temperature (6500K) gives a bluish-white colour, whereas a lower colour temperature (2700K) gives a yellowish colour.

Q) Are the tunable white colours included in 16 million colours?

The tunable white colours are in addition to 16 million colours.

Q) What is the use of 2700K – 6500K colour temperature?

The 2700K – 6500K colour temperatures help set different lighting for different moods.

Q) What is the difference between the B22 base and the E27 base? Which one is better?

Both are standard holder types widely used in India. In the case of performance, both the bases are equally good.

Q) Where are the E27 and B22 bases used?

The E27 base is used in places where the bulb needs to be screwed in. The B22 base is used where the bulb needs to be pinned in.

Q) Why is the bulb blinking / flashing when I try to turn it on?

The bulb is blinking/flashing because the bulb has been unpaired, and is not connected with the smartphone or the registered account.

Q) What do I need to have to ensure the bulb works properly?

You need to have a smartphone with a registered account on the MyCrompton app. For Wi-Fi enabled bulbs, you will also need a stable internet connection.

Q) Will the bulb still work if the internet is not working?

Yes! However, without the internet, the bulb can only be controlled from within the house, and not from the outside house.

Q) What is the name of the app used to control the bulb?


Q) Why do I need to create an account on the MyCrompton app?

Creating an account will enable the user to connect with, and control the device. Also, in order to connect Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with the smart device, the user will need to be registered.

Q) How many bulbs can be controlled using the MyCrompton app?

The MyCrompton app supports up to 200 devices for each family. Every user account can add up to 20 families.

Q) Can I control both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled bulbs using the same account?


Q) Do I have to reconfigure the bulb after changing its location in my home?

You do not need to reconfigure the bulb provided it gets a good range of Wi-Fi network from the same internet router.

Q) Will the lumen output of the bulbs vary in different colours?

The light output on the RGB mode is lesser than the light output on the tunable white mode.

Q) What is a scene? Can I create a scene using only one bulb?

A scene is a combination of predefined configurations of one or more lights. It can be formed for only one light as well.

Q) Are there default scenes?

Yes. Each bulb has 8 predefined and editable scenes.

Q) Can I create my own scene?


Q) How many scenes can I create?

There are no restrictions on the number of scenes that can be created.

Q) Can the Bluetooth enabled bulbs and Wi-Fi enabled bulbs be used together in a group or a scene?

Only one type of device can be used in a group or scene.

Q) How many bulbs can I add in one group?

You can add up to 100 devices in one group.

Q) How many groups can be created?

There is no restriction on the number of groups that can be created.

Q) Can I create a scene of grouped bulbs?


Q) Can I have disco lighting?

Yes, but this feature is only available in Bluetooth enabled bulbs.

Q) Can I switch all lights OFF from outside house?

Yes, for Wi-Fi enabled bulbs, the device needs to be connected to the internet. For Bluetooth enabled bulbs, you will need to be within the range of the bulb.

Q) How do I download the MyCrompton App?

You can download the app by scanning the QR code on the packaging. The app is also available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Q) How do I register the bulbs on the MyCrompton app?

After installing the MyCrompton app, create an account and add your devices. Adding devices will automatically register them with Crompton.




Q) Are fans sold with a Regulator?

No, sorry, the regulator has to be purchased separately.

Q) Which material is used for the motor?

Crompton uses 100% copper for its motor windings.

Q) Copper motor or Aluminium motor?

100% copper used in the motor windings.

Q) Are fans sold with remote?

Certain fans in the Premium range are sold with Remote.

Q) Double ball bearing or Single ball bearing?

Double ball bearing used in the motor construction.

Q) What is BLDC?

BLDC is Brush Less Direct current motor technology which uses only 50% of the power consumed by conventional fans.

Q) What is the length of the suspension rod?

The standard length of the down rod is 1 feet.

Q) What is the power consumed?

The standard power consumption of a conventional fan is 75 Watts.

Q) What is the electricity consumption over a year?

Approx Annual energy consumption of 1 conventional fan, running for 15 hours a day is Rs. 2500, which is quite a lot. Switch to BLDC technology to save power and cost.

Q) What fan is required for a 10×12 room size?

The standard fan requirement for any room above 10×10 is 48 inches (1200mm sweep).

Q) What is air delivery?

Air delivery is the rate of wind blowing in a closed space in a given time. Air delivery of 230 cmm and above is considered ideal.

Q) What is the warranty period?

The standard warranty period of Crompton fans is 2 years. However, with upgrading technology, certain premium range of fans have a 5-year warranty.

Q) Does this fan have a capacitor?

Conventional fans come with a capacitor fitted on top of the motor shield.

Q) What is Duratech technology?

Duratech comes with premium components, designed to deliver superlative performance for many years. A 5-year warranty is offered for Duratech products.

Q) What is Anti-dust technology?

Anti-dust is a special finish coating on the blades and body of premium fans which prevent about 50% dust settling on the blades over months of usage.

Q) What is RPM?

Revolutions per minute. This is used to check the speed of the fan. Any fan above 370 RPM is considered High Speed.

Q) What is the weight of the fan?

The average weight of a fan with packaging is about 4.5 kgs.




Q) What is the warranty period?

Crompton provides 2 years warranty on the product.

Q) What is inside the box?

Iron, Warranty Card with the User manual

Q) What is the benefit of Soleplate Coating?

Due to soleplate coating, the garment does not stick to the soleplate when operated in the wrong garment mode. It provides longer life to Iron and smooth gliding on the garment.

Q) Does this Iron has Auto cut off feature?

All Crompton Irons comes with Auto cut off feature.

Q) Does Crompton provides Home service for Irons?

Yes, Crompton provides Home service for Irons within 48 Hours in major cities of India.

Q) What is the number of fabric settings in Crompton Irons?

Crompton provides 6 fabric settings in all its irons. (Wool, Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Nylon, Silk)

Q) Does Crompton Irons have ISI mark?

Yes, All Crompton Irons are ISI certified.

Q) What is the length of Cord?

Crompton Irons Cord length varied from 1.5 mtr to 1.8 mts depending on the model.

Q) What is the benefit of 360 Degree Swivel Cord?

360 Degree swivel cord helps in handling Irons easily hence improves convenience.


Water Heaters


India is famous for its extreme weather conditions; as we are well versed with the changing temperatures, it’s always better to be fully equipped to sustain these climate changes.

Although we love the winter season, we should hand it down to the man who invented water heaters to help us shower in the cold, chilling winters of India. The rattling of teeth and the shivering body can only be stopped by a warm, relaxing bath. That’s where our hero, “water heater” comes in.

Also hot water for taking bath is relaxing. While buying a water heater there are some basic questions which cross your mind, don’t worry we’ve got it covered.

Want to know how a water heater works?

A typical Electrical water heater works on a simple mechanism; an electric heating unit is connected to a 220- volt circuit. To warm up the water, the current is allowed to pass through certain electrical-resistant heating element which is fixed in the middle of the tank. Power is delivered through a thermostat, which controls the water temperature.

What are the types of water heaters available in the market?

Who doesn’t love options? Even in the niche sector of water heaters, there are a lot of options available in the market for you to choose from. Depending on your need and convenience, you can shop for a suitable water heater.


1.Storage water heaters (6 Litres and above)

The most basic and classic form of water heaters are Storage Water heaters.They are widely used for domestic purposes. The reason behind it being called storage water heaters is because of the storage tank installed inside the appliance. It can store hot water for a significant period even without electricity and thus allowing for usage as and when required. The category of storage water heaters is further divided into specific products with exclusive features, namely:

a. Value Series

b. High Performance series

c. Life Smart Series

2. Instant Water heaters (1-3 Litres)

Instant water heaters are high powered appliances that heats water instantly. These type of water heaters are very compact and are suitable for smaller bathrooms & kitchens where space is a constraint. There are multiple varieties available in this category:

a. Bliss

b. Solarium Neo

c. Rapidjet

d. Aquaplus

3. Immersion heater rods

This aboriginal technology of using heater rods and not an appliance, is a convenient & useful method for heating water. Thanks to its compact size, immersion heater rods can be easily accommodated in storing places or cabinets. It is designed for quick heating, consist of a hanging hook, Indication light for safe operation and has a water level indicator, what more would one want?


a) Size of the family:

Your daily water requirement is the one of the main factor that should decide the capacity of your water heater. Given below is a rough idea of the capacities required for average use. Please note that this is indicative as capacities vary according to water usage patterns, inlet water temperature and weather conditions.

Capacity Criteria:

6-10L 2 person per bathroom

15L 1 – 2 person per bathroom in cold climatic location

15L or more 3 – 4 person per bathroom

25L 3 – 4 person per bathroom in cold climatic location

35L or more More than 4 person, bath tubs

Instant water heater Kitchen, mild hot water requirement

b) Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency products are good for your pockets and our environment. So, it’s a smart option to go with water heaters which are less power consuming and highly efficient. The energy efficiency of the water heater is indicated by its energy star rating i.e. higher the rating, higher the energy efficiency of the product. Crompton comes highest range of 5 star water heater which are energy efficient.

c) Water type

Many people underestimate the damage caused by hard water to your water heaters. Hard water contains high levels of mineral salts like calcium and magnesium. The minerals present in the hard water can cause scaling. Over a period of time, this starts interfering with the efficiency of the water heaters.

Crompton has a range of water heaters under HIGH PERFORMANCE SERIES with Triple Shield Technology which is also suitable for heating hard water.

d) Pressure compatibility

Most water heaters available in the market are prone to leak when exposed to high water pressure. Crompton’s range of water heaters have high pressure withstanding capacity (upto 8kg/cm2) which ensures that they can be installed in high rise building compatibility. So it can be safely installed in hi res buildings.

e) Stylish

Who said essential appliances can’t be pretty? A perfect water heater is the one which does its job with utmost efficiency and also ups the ante of your bathroom

Model Selection Guide

• Climate Type

• Location of Water Heater

• Type of Bath

• No. of Persons/ Bathroom

Features to Consider


Coverage for water heaters typically runs three to 12 years. While you’ll usually pay a bit more for longer-warranty models, we’ve found that they tend to have larger elements or burners that can speed up water heating and have thicker insulation for less heat loss. Choose a water heater with the longest warranty available.

Anti-scale devices:

Since some brands advertise features that are supposed to reduce buildup of mineral scale at the bottom of the tank by swirling the water. While scale can shorten the life of the heating element, you don’t need to invest in fancy features to get a water heater that lasts.

Brass vs. plastic drain valves:

These are situated near the base of the water heater for a garden hose that drains the heater. Look for brass drain valves, which are more durable than plastic.

Glass-lined tanks:

Designed to reduce corrosion.

Digital displays:

Help you monitor levels and customize operation.

Plastic v/s Metal body:

There are two types of water heater body, plastic and metal. Choose depending upon the bathroom décor

Heating Element:

Incoloy heating element are anti corrosive and have a better life.


General FAQ’s


Q) When was Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited formed?

We are one of the leading consumer companies in India with a 75+ years old brand legacy. As of February 2016, we are an independent company under professional management in the name of Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited and have 2 business segments – Lighting and Electrical Consumer Durables. We market our products under the “Crompton” brand name in India and select export markets.

Q) Is Crompton a listed Company?

On 13th May 2016, Crompton got listed on National Stock Exchange (NSC).

Q) How do I apply for a job at Crompton?

To know about the latest jobs at Crompton, kindly check our careers section.

Q) Where can I get the latest copy of Crompton’s Annual Report?

You can download the latest copy of our Annual Report from the Investor Relations section.

Q) Can I register the warranty of the product on the website?

You can find it on the Contact Us page or you can visit our Web Self Care Portal to register your warranty.

Q) Where can I get my product complaint registered?

You can register your complaint via our Toll-Free number – 1800 419 0505. You can also send your complaints and queries via Write to us section or register complaint via the online form on the Contact Us page.

Q) What are the working hours/days of the customer care center?

The working hours are between 09:00 am to 07:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.