Gas geyser Vs Electric geyser - What's the Difference -

Gas geyser Vs Electric geyser – What’s the Difference

  • 13 September

  • 6 minutes Read

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Gas Geyser or Electric Geyser Which is Better?

Whether giving your space a makeover or moving to a new place, a water heater is one of the most essential home appliances. We have already discussed the various things to know about water heaters and the differences between instant geysers and storage water heaters. However, one of the other factors to consider while buying a geyser is whether you want to opt for a gas geyser or an electric geyser. This read will help you decide which one is best for you. We will discuss the various types of gas geysers and electric geysers while listing the benefits of gas geysers and electric geysers. 

This article will give you a complete understanding of the difference between gas geysers and electric geysers and help you make an informed decision.  

Electric Geyser vs Gas Geyser 

Electric Geyser
Gas Geyser
Cost of product
Instant electric geyser: Rs.6000-8000
Instant gas geyser: Rs. 4000-5000
Extremely safe
Not very safe
Time Consumption
Little more compared to gas geyser
3 times faster than electrical geyser
Space consumption
Only wall-mounting space
Additional space for the LPG cylinder & proper ventilation
Life span
7-10 years
Gas heating burners can get damaged frequently
Instant & Storage
Only instant options
Complicated as compared to electric geysers
Fuel for energy
Gas burning
Environmental impact
No direct pollution
May release highly toxic carbon monoxide
At least 2 years
1-2 years

What is a Gas Geyser?

Gas geysers make use of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for heating water. These geysers provide a constant flow of hot water and can provide rapid water heating. They are less powerful and quick to recover as compared to electric geysers. They make for a good choice if you have a large family. Crompton’s AWGH Gas Geyser comes with a Double solenoid valve and overheat protection with a 4.6 Liter capacity.

Gas Geysers

Types of Gas Geysers:

Instant gas geyser: Also known as tankless gas water heaters, instant gas geysers are a good buy. These gas geysers depend totally on an instant heating facility and have no storage capacity. These are best suited for those who don’t require a large quantity of water in one go. These are the most popular types of gas geysers in India. 

Storage gas geyser: Storage gas geysers are rarely seen in India. They are used mainly by those with a large family and are easy to repair due to their simple construction. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Gas Geyser

When discussing whether gas geysers or electric geysers are better, it is essential to discuss gas geysers’ advantages and disadvantages. Some of the gas geyser benefits include


  • Fast heating: When it comes to the time taken to heat water, gas geysers can easily beat their electric counterparts. These geysers are perfect for larger households where geysers are used often in shorter intervals.


  • Electricity-free: You don’t require electricity to run this water heater.


  • Budget-friendly: Gas geysers are economical and lighter on the pocket.



  • Complex installation: You will need an expert to come in and install a gas geyser as it is not an easy process. 


  • Unsafe: As you are dealing with combustible gas, these water heaters are relatively unsafe than electric geysers. 


  • Requires adequate ventilation: Since these geysers emit harmful gases produced by the combustion of LPG, you need the right amount of ventilation to let these gases out. 


What is an Electric Geyser?

The biggest reason electric water geysers are preferred by a majority of the population is that they are user-friendly and straightforward to use. While many technological advancements have led to automated electric water heaters being adopted in various households, the basic working principle remains the same. Heat is generated by copper heating elements with the help of electricity. This, in turn, increases the water temperature. Electric geysers are incredible for smaller families and have various models available.

Gas Geysers

Types of Electric Geysers

Instant electric geyser: These geysers allow you to heat the water instantly, so you can quickly take a shower and step out. They are perfect for days when you are running late. As they do not have any storage or water tank, there is no chance of extra heating water or wasting hot water.

Storage electric geyser: Storage geysers are an ideal choice for larger families. They store the hot water that other family members can use. You can choose the tank storage capacity ranging from 10 liters to 50litres. 

Crompton also provides various electric room heaters, Know more about Types of Room Heaters Now.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Geyser

When we talk about gas geyser vs electric geysers, it is essential to discuss the advantages of electric geysers. 


  • Ease of use: Operating and handling an electric geyser is easier than a gas geyser. 


  • Environment-friendly: Due to a negligible amount of carbon footprint, electric geysers are considered eco-friendly. 


  • Durable: Owing to modern technology, these geysers are more durable than their gas counterparts. 




  • Susceptible to electricity blackouts: If there is a power outage, you cannot use these geysers as they rely on electricity.


  • More extended heating period: The process of heating water in an electric geyser is time-consuming as it uses a copper coil rather than direct heat. 


  • Costlier: When compared with gas geysers, electric geysers are costlier. 



There is no right or wrong regarding gas vs electric geysers. Depending on your usage and convenience, you can pick either. Crompton has both electric geysers and gas geysers available. All Crompton water heaters rank high on safety, efficiency, and energy-saving, so whether you opt for electric or gas, explore your options at Crompton. These water heaters will ensure you the perfect hot water to beat the chills in winter. 



1. What is the cost difference between electric geysers and gas geysers?

Electric geysers are a little more expensive than gas geysers. However, at Crompton, you can buy an instant electric geyser for anywhere between Rs.4,600-6,000.


2. Gas geyser or electric geyser, which is safer?

Gas geysers involve the usage of combustible gas, which makes them unsafe, whereas electric geysers come with a variety of security and safety options, which makes them comparatively safer.