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How Solar Pumps Can Meet Your Drinking Water Needs

  • 15 July

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Availability of clean drinking water is a growing concern in India, especially in rural & tribal areas. With many struggling to get access to proper drinking water and to find a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to do so,  solar water pumps have emerged as the most popular solution for this in recent days.

Solar Pumps have always been widely in use for agricultural purposes and are now being used for drinking water purposes as well. With different varieties available, solar water pumps are a popular choice when it comes to water pumping. The primary reason for this popularity is that solar-powered pumps can work effectively even in remote areas where electricity is not available. Moreover, it is an economical, energy-efficient and eco-friendly option.


Solar Water Pumps For Drinking Water Needs

Crompton’s solar water pumps are designed to meet drinking water requirements for different head ranges with high discharge, easy to install, and easy to operate. These solar- pumps are manufactured with world-class technologies for drinking water application with a fully SS304 stainless steel body that makes them corrosion resistant. The durable design of the pumps can withstand high-demand water requirements even in areas that have hard water.


Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Solar Pump

Before you buy a solar water pump, there are certain specifications that you should understand to find a pump that suits your needs. Some things to consider include borewell size, head range, discharge requirements.

Borewell Size – Crompton Solar submersible pumps are suitable to install a minimum of 100 mm or above borewell.

Head Range – It basically refers to the longest distance, in terms of height, that the pump will be able to pump the water for. Crompton offers a wide head range of 30-90 m with max. 120 m shutoff for our solar water dual pumps.

Discharge – Crompton’s solar-dual pumps provide 20-30% more discharge than the MNRE requirement.

Check out the Crompton Solar Water Pumps range for Drinking Water applications. The pumps are built specifically for drinking water application and comply with all MNRE standards. Crompton offers  12-month & 60 months warranty option with affordable price ranges, keeping in mind the amazing features that you get!