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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Pumps

  • 23 March

Know everything about pumps. Know everything about pumps.

Have you ever wondered how you get instant access to water despite residing on the topmost floor of a high-raised building or how water is continuously supplied to those oh-so-glorious fields in the countryside all year round? The answer to this one is relatively simple. All these functions are possible due to the invention of pumps. To know more about how pumps work and the various types available, read on!

Pumps, popularly known as ‘motors’ in residential areas are highly functional and efficient machines that work on the principle of hydraulics. A high-pressure situation is created by the pump, which causes the liquid to move from low to high areas. From the removal of liquids, pressure cleaning in industries and irrigation water supply to agricultural farmlands to supplying water to your homes for domestic purposes, managing sewage etc, the real-world applications of pumps are countless. That’s why Crompton has introduced an exclusive range of pumps to suit your every need.

With increasing demand and needs, many different types of pumps have been introduced in the market. Pumps are broadly classified into residential, agricultural, and industrial pumps. Each category has specified functions and fulfils different needs for the users. 

Residential Pumps 

Residential water pumps boost the city’s water supply by applying extra pressure and enabling it to reach your home. These domestic water pumps typically have high output with low power consumption as electricity bills are usually a factor when using these pumps. 


Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are the most well-known residential water pumps. As the name suggests, these pumps work even when completely submerged in water and generally require less power to give you mind-blowing results as compared to other pumps. Depending on the source of water, you can get a borewell submersible water pump or an open well submersible water pump for your needs. 


Compressor Pumps

These pumps are used in residential areas to move the water where water yield is less. They pump compressed air down the delivery pipe to create very fine air bubbles in the water to create a mixture that is lighter than the surrounding water. This difference in density causes the lighter mixture of air and water to rise and move through the discharge pipe. These pumps can deliver water even in loose soil areas. Crompton’s compressor pumps have a power range that varies from 1 to 2 HP and a discharge range of 4200 to 1050 litres per hour (LPH). 


Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal water pumps are one of the most reliable pumps when it comes to providing a consistent and strong flow of water. These pumps typically have a diffuser and impeller. Centrifugal water pump is a machine that uses rotation to impart velocity to a liquid and then converts that velocity into flow. When they are accompanied by a jet ejector, it forms a centrifugal jet pump. Crompton offers centrifugal deep well jet pumps and shallow well jet pumps. If your water needs to be pumped from a depth of 25 feet or less, the centrifugal shallow well jet pump is suitable for your needs and if it is at a depth of 25 -100 feet., you can opt for a centrifugal deep well jet pump. 


Self-Priming Regenerative Pumps

Self-priming pumps need water to be present in their casing and can overcome the problem of air binding that centrifugal pumps face. Crompton has different series of self-priming regenerative water pumps – Mini, Aquagold, Flomax, DMB and CMB which have a suction lift of up to 8m, making it a good choice for pumping from ground to overhead tank. If you need large amounts of water with a discharge rate of 3,000-4,300 LPH. We also offer heavy-duty self-priming pumps. 


Inline Circulation Pumps

Circulation water pumps are used inside the household to circulate hot or cold water to or from water heaters, washing machines, etc. This pump is suitable for handling high temperature water upto 90 OC. Inline pumps can easily be installed to work with existing piping. Crompton’s inline circulation pumps come with automatic pressure boosting and have an automatic on/off operation so you don’t have to switch it on and off every time it needs to be used. It also has inbuilt dry run protection to save pump from burning in case of dry running condition.


Booster Pumps

To get uninterrupted and pressurised water flow in your bathrooms or lush lawns, there is a wide range of pressure booster pump series available too, which are suitable for high-temperature water applications as well. Crompton’s single pump booster comes with an automatic on/off switch and noiseless design so you can easily boost the pressure of water. It also has dry run protection to save pump failure.


Agriculture Pumps 

Agriculture is another big sector that uses water pumps. Agricultural pumps are used to perform heavy-duty functions on large farmlands. As farming happens in a variety of conditions with different types of water sources available, there are many kinds of agricultural pumps available too. 

Centrifugal Monoblock Pump

You can employ a mighty centrifugal monobloc pump to set up streams of water that lead to your property from nearby canals or wells. Centrifugal monobloc pumps are centrifugal pumps that contain the motor and pump in a single shaft. These pumps can provide a consistent water supply with a strong force and work well with fresh water. Crompton’s centrifugal monobloc water pumps have a power of up to 30 HP. 

Submersible Pumps

Submersible water pumps can be installed under the water, closing the distance between the pumping and the water source. As they are already submerged, they do not require any additional priming before usage. No energy has to be spent bringing water into the pump, making it more efficient. Crompton’s submersible agricultural pumps are of two types – open-well and borewell submersible. They work in a wide voltage range and can take up specialized tasks in the agricultural sector with great efficiency. 


Solar Pumps 

Solar pumps operate on solar energy so they can be a boon for remote farming areas where electricity might not be available in constant supply. These water pumps are also an eco-friendly option as they can work without consuming power from non-renewable sources. Crompton provides solar pumps for both agricultural purposes and getting drinking water. Our pumps are built with high-grade pure quality stainless steel for durability and better functioning. These pumps can easily be installed and can withstand harsh conditions as well.  


Speciality Pumps 

That’s not all! There are also speciality pumps that work in different sectors and industries for performing highly specialized functions. The fire-fighting pumps which are used to save precious lives are one such category of speciality pumps. Let’s see what are some of the different types of speciality pumps available. 

Sewage Pumps

An essential type of pump used daily for sewage applications known as a sewage submersible pump. They are used to manage waste and take out sewage water from homes, hospitals, hotels etc. Crompton’s sewage submersible pumps come with an anti-rust CED coating and a cutter range that handles fibrous solids effectively. It can handle solid particle up to 30 mm in size.

Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering pumps, as you can tell from their name, are used to remove water from places. They are especially useful in construction sites where water may need to be removed from a certain area quickly and efficiently. Crompton offers centrifugal dewatering pumps with a robust design that can be used for industrial purposes. 

Pressure Washers

You might have seen pressure washers being used for cleaning with a high force of water. Pressure washing pumps can increase the pressure of the water that can help you clean your car efficiently and even remove hard-to-remove stains from tiles and other similar surfaces. Crompton’s pressure washers are designed to conserve water so you don’t use as much and also are fitted with a soap tank so you can clean more effectively. These pressure washing pumps also have commercial and industrial uses. 

Multi-Stage Pumps

Multi-stage pumps are used when you need high pressure of water with high energy-efficiency which a single-stage pump can’t provide in all cases. These are powerful water pumps with a variety of functions in commercial and domestic sectors such as high-power shower systems, irrigation, construction, water treatment, etc. Crompton’s multi-stage pumps are designed to be reliable and save space. They can also handle liquids of a high-temperature range up to 120 degrees Celsius. 

In conclusion, there exists a Crompton pump for almost every requirement. Crompton pumps are sturdy, providing a steadfast performance with reliability. With 200+ 4 and 5 Star models and 300 million+ active installations, Crompton is one of the leading sellers of a wide variety of pumps in India. 

Check out Crompton’s wide variety of pumps to find an efficient and affordable solution that meets all your needs!