Top Wardrobe Lighting Ideas To Glow Up Your Closet

Wardrobe Lighting Ideas To Glow Up Your Closet

  • 2 December

Brighten Your Closet With These LED Lights 

Are you constantly mooning over your Pinterest board of wardrobe lighting designs? With the right lighting, your wardrobe will have the fresh and aesthetic look you’re looking for.

If you have been battling questions about the number of lights you want for your closet or the combination of different lights that you should use, we are here to help you with some wardrobe light ideas for your home. Come, take a tour of these wardrobe LED lights and save some time rummaging through your closet.


WATT Could Be Right For Your Wardrobe?

Finding the bulb with right wattage can really be a task. Here’s how you can choose LED lights for your closet depending on their wattage.

  • If you own a corner closet, you can use one of Dynaray’s LED Lamps that range between 3 and 9 watts. Lights with a lower LED bulb wattage are more suited to smaller clothing spaces.
  • You can choose your bedroom wardrobe lights depending on the colour temperature and vibe you want your room to have. Preferably, you can use LED bulbs with a lower wattage since a cooler room is more comfortable while sleeping.
  • For all owners of luxurious walk-in closets, a light bulb that has a wattage between 20 and 26 will be able to highlight all corners and drawers in your wardrobe.
  • If your walk-in closet receives an ample amount of natural light, you can choose an LED lamp with a lesser number of watts.
  • Using LED strip lights that have a medium or low wattage can also help your wardrobe look organized and stylish. Follow some aesthetic strip light design ideas to decorate your space.
  • LED cupboard lights have a wattage of around 3 watts and are a good choice if you have a more constricted wardrobe or don’t have a higher artificial light requirement.


Focus On What’s Important With A Spotlight 

Choosing the right cupboard lights can be a real task sometimes, especially when some outfits and shoes in your wardrobe deserve that extra attention and space. Worry not, because you can give it to them by installing spotlights. LED spotlights for wardrobes are a blessing in disguise because of their low consumption patterns. Cupboard and closet spotlights not only enhance the beauty of your wardrobe but also come with a two-year warranty. Up your lighting game with these white-rimmed pieces that will adorn your wardrobe and add their own touch to it. Lighting is so good that dressing up might just be an excuse for you to keep revisiting your wardrobe.


Add Some Charm With Wardrobe Strip Lights 

If your closet is lacking that charm and appeal, you should definitely invest in these wardrobe LED strip lights. Strip lights define aesthetics, especially for your clothing space. These lights have made elegance a lot more affordable and have a variety of colours to choose from. You can pick a dazzling blue or a warm white depending on the colours of your wall and the design of your wardrobe. LED strip lights in wardrobes are a game changer since they come with 60 tiny LED bulbs arranged per metre. The varying colours can uplift your mood and add life to your apparel. Our Galaxy Strip Lights can bring your favourite constellations home with tiny LED lights strung together like a star-studded necklace. Everything about these cupboard strip lights boasts convenience because they’re easy to install, affordable and extremely durable.


Dispel Darkness With LED Downlights 

Not everyone loves lights inside their closet. Some prefer lights outside their clothing space or on the ceiling. If this sounds a lot like something you would prefer, then LED downlights are the perfect choice for you. These lights complement the main sources of lighting in your home and can set the tone for your dressing space. You can change the brightness of these wardrobe downlights with dimmer controls that come with them. LED Recessed Downlighters are equipped with optically-efficient diffusers that equally distribute light without glares. They’re cost-efficient and available in six different colours. Choosing LED lights for your almirah is now both economical as well as ecological.


Illuminate Your Cabinets With LED Battens

With technology speeding its way through the years, innovations have been inevitable. Thanks to all these advancements, we have smart lights today— these lights have a system wherein one can connect their LED lights to an application or a smart accessory. LED batten lights can add a whole lot of luminescence to your wardrobe and make the ordinary look extraordinary. Cabinets are often ignored, but with these lights inside your wardrobe, you won’t be able to take your eyes away from your closet at all. Smart LED batten lights are designed to efficiently distribute light so that you can find your clothes in an instant and show up in time whenever you need to. You can use either 1 feet or 2 feet batten lights, depending on the size and area of your closet. One high-powered closet tube light is enough to illuminate a corner closet, while a walk-in closet may require two or three, depending on the amount of natural light that enters. 


Make A Statement With A Chandelier Or Pendant Light 

For all perfectionists who want every bit of their home to look embellished, a closet isn’t a place to be overlooked, and there’s no light that makes a statement like a chandelier. These statement lights won’t add to the charm of your closet but will rather become the charm of your space.  A closet chandelier is generally placed in the centre of your closet and adds to the ambience of the area. You can pair a vase of flowers with your chandelier, depending on the vibe and colour of your room. If you have an eye for subtle designs, you can choose a pendant light for your closet. Hanging pendant lights will give your wardrobe a modern, mellow look and will steal the show at the same time. While chandeliers may be the main source of lighting in your closet, a pendant light can just go along with the other lights, but make a statement, nonetheless.

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A bulb in itself was a symbol of innovation and we have taken innovation further with a number of these lights. Whether you want to make a statement, or simply require lights to add to the aesthetic of your room while fitting into your budget, Crompton has something for everyone. Cabinet and closet lighting can be a tricky arena if you’re new to the game, and we hope to have helped you with your choices. Give your wardrobe a makeover and give almirah lighting a whole new meaning with these lights. These LED wardrobe lights will help you create the closet of your dreams, without much of a hassle since most of our lights are easy to install.