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Let LED Lights Set The Festive Mood To Your House This Season

  • 30 October

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As the festive season approaches, it is not uncommon to see lights appear all around in the night sky, peering through the darkness and creating an awe-inspiring luminous paradise. This festive season, beautify your home and give your guests a visual treat with your gorgeous decorations and lighting.


The Joy of Festivals!

Festivals bring joy to people and spread the cheer around every corner. It is also the time when your home becomes the centre of attention and guests and relatives come to visit you. Most people prepare for this auspicious season by renovating, buying the best attire, decorating and investing in colours and lights to accentuate and brighten up the mood.

You must pay attention to the interiors of your house since the exterior decorations are just a means to please onlookers near your home. Your guests, relatives, and friends and all those who matter will observe the interiors of your house more closely.  The exteriors serve as a mere backdrop for the people that truly matter. It raises the bar for their expectations of the interiors.


How LED Panel Lights Can Help You Set the Festive Mood

Lighting enhances the mood, accentuates your decor and sets the tone of your room. One of the best ways to use LED panel lights would be to amplify the aesthetic feel of the room. LED panels have helped create a highly energy-efficient lighting solution. So, now even after spending a week with your festive lights on 24×7, you will not have to bear the brunt of high electricity bills.

Additionally, LED panel lights are the best decorative lights since they have a very sleek shape and a trendy design. In addition to this, you can easily place them in areas that can significantly boost the cool quotient of your room. There are panel lights of every shape in the market, ranging from square to round. They can easily fit inside a fake ceiling, or on walls, and when placed strategically, can also accentuate furniture and decor.

These LED lights for home can brighten up an area, highlight or downlight a surface, add a divine aura to decoration or even create a visual path to give your guests a visual tour of your property.


What You Need to Check While Purchasing Festive LED Panel Lights

While buying LED lights for home, you need to make sure that you know the technical details of the lights that you are purchasing. Let us look into them in more detail:


Colour Temperature

While purchasing the best festive LED panel lights, you need to make sure that you have a good idea of the colour temperature. You do not want to mix a lamp with a cooler colour temperature with one that has a warmer colour temperature.

To make it easier to understand, remember the more blue the light, the cooler its temperature. For warmer temperature, the light will be more reddish-white in colour. We also have LED Color light to decorate your home and make it more aesthetic.


Wattage and Efficiency 

The wattage of the light is one of the biggest concerns for most people because they want to reduce electricity costs during a festive season without compromising on the luminous intensity of the light. Crompton offers you high efficiency LED panel lights that have a wattage range that starts from 3W and goes up to 20W.


Design and Dimensions

The most crucial advantage of Panel lights is that they have a stunning design. Today, LED panel lights have become very trendy. You can find lights with various shapes, having slim rims, that fit smoothly into multiple fixtures.

It is also essential to keep the dimensions in mind while buying panel lights and properly place it in the best areas. Crompton has space-saving panels that allow you to work your lightmap without any issues.



There are many types of Panel Lights, and each of them can be used for different tasks at home. Based on purposes, we can divide them into the following categories:

(i) Ceiling lights: They help to create a path of light and are great for an entrance. They can help set the mood for the room

(ii) Spotlights: Spotlights help to focus on a specific area

(iii) Downlights: You can use these LED Downlighters to accentuate the decorations that you have placed on some furniture


Price and Warranty

Today, you can buy some of the best-LED lights online. The price of the LED panels usually falls in the range of INR 330-1800. It depends on the wattage, shape of the panel, the purpose and the construction material. It is best to buy panel lights with a metal panel for long-lasting use. (P.S. Don’t forget to check for the warranty offered on the LED panels for assured guarantee and performance!)

Prepare yourself this festive season in a way that increases the celebration to the fullest. Put on your decorations, invite friends and family home and enjoy the festival of lights with the best-LED panel lights!