Gaming Room Lighting Ideas to level up your game

Gaming Room Lighting Ideas to level up your game

  • 8 December

Can you really boast about being a gaming enthusiast, a vlogger or an online streamer if your room is not filled with funky multi-coloured lights to change the atmosphere of the room? These lights dictate and enhance the gaming mood while keeping you focused. If you’re a vlogger, the gaming lights setup can make the experience a thousand times better with a trendy and fun background. What people miss is that gaming room lights need to be decorative, yet functional so that they elevate the surroundings along with lighting up desired spaces for effective viewing. 

For this reason, LED lights for gaming rooms are the perfect choice for game space lighting. Some models come with multiple light settings, whereas some allow for synchronicity with the online game’s sound and action. They truly enhance the overall gaming experience. 


Types of LED Lights for Your Gaming Room


  • Strip Lights

LED strip lights are best used for decorative purposes but they also are also used for functional purposes depending on where they are attached. LED strip light is a cost-effective and easy way to give your home a makeover. Each strip contains 60 LED bulbs per metre for brighter and better light distribution. Its super strong and long-lasting adhesive makes the strip light even stick to the ceiling.


  • LED Colour Lamps

Add vibrancy and colour to your life with LED colour lamps. Colormatic colour lamps come in 4 vibrant and exciting shades ie, blue, green, red, and yellow that can be used as festive lighting, in the prayer room, or to enhance your gaming room setup. 


  • Spotlights 

LED spotlights can be designed to highlight specific areas in a room or room decor. They can be installed in the ceiling or on the wall to enhance the look of your dressing room, living room, or gaming room. LED spotlights are designed with world-class materials and they come in 5 exciting colours to suit your every mood. 


  • White LED bulbs

White LED bulbs are the new big thing in lighting. They are now used in almost all lighting applications such as indoor and outdoor lighting, road lighting, and floodlighting. They are omnipresent. This is due to their cost-efficiency, energy savings, colour options, and brightness. White LED bulbs powered with Durasure technology provide extra brightness and extra wide light with a 180-degree beam angle.


  • Smart LED Bulbs

Smart LED bulbs are a must-buy if you want to experience the ease that smart lighting brings at home. Get all the benefits of smart LED bulbs with the latest technology such as Immensa WiFi LED bulbs. Crompton’s smart bulbs offer 16 million colour options to light up your gaming room. They come with flexible connectivity options and can be controlled through the My Crompton app. Smart LED bulbs can control the colour and temperature of the lighting without the use of any external dimmers.


  • LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling lights make your room look brighter with innovative designs and superior lumen efficiency. Ceiling lights for the living room come in different colours and can be changed to fit the mood. Crompton’s Star-Lord 3-in-1 recessed panels have 3-in-1 colour temperature changing with toggle switching and an ultra-slim rim for space saving. The three colour temperatures offered are Cool Day Light, Neutral White, and Warm White.


  • Tile Lights 

LED tile lights can be used in countless ways and have become an integral part of modern indoor lighting. With adequate LED bulbs attached to a robust and sturdy fixture, LED tile lights provide you with wide light distribution. Crompton LED tile lights have multiple LED bulbs with adjustable brightness.  Whether it is for a gaming room or a commercial office, these tile lights can wow guests with their interactive design. 


Gaming Room Lighting Ideas

Are you looking for gaming room lighting ideas but overwhelmed by the multiplicity of options and opinions? There are a plethora of options and ideas you can find online and so many different lighting products that can be purchased with a click of a button. Playing in a properly lit gaming room can take your gaming experience up several notches. 

It takes a lot of creativity and an eye for detail to perfectly plan and execute the lighting scheme of your gaming room. You need to keep in mind the following factors while deciding on gaming room lighting ideas:

1. The amount of light you install will depend on the size of your room 

2. Do you want to illuminate a part or the entire room? 

3. The colour scheme of your room 

4. Do you want to go wireless? 


  • Highlight the Screen with Strip Lights

Amp up your gaming room light setup with strip lights. Set up strip lights behind your monitor to instantly brighten up your gaming area and give your station an intense feel. It also acts as an effective task lighting to set the mood and improve your focus while playing. Strip lights are neither too dim nor too bright so your vision is protected. 


  • Smart Lights with Different Colour Themes

Smart gaming lights can take your gaming experience to the next level. Some gaming lamps come with a smart control option, which means that you can control their colour, and brightness, and synchronise it with the game via voice control or through smart AI assistants like Alexa and Siri. They come in multiple colour themes to make your gaming experience epic. 


  • Under the Gaming Desk

One of the smartest and coolest spots to install gaming setup lights is under the gaming desk. This light setting can give your room and gaming station a halo-like glow. Use LED strip lights to adjust the brightness and colour theme and set the gaming mood right. 


  • Spotlights on The Ceiling

Spotlights on the ceiling are an important aspect of your RGB gaming setup. They have the power to either light up the entire room or strategically illuminate parts of the room. Crompton LED spotlights come in 5 beautiful colours, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White to uplift the overall ambience of the room. 


  • White LED Lights for The Mirror

The mirror is a perfect place to show off your creativity with lights. It could be for decoration purposes or for perfect mirror selfies. You may use White LED bulbs or go adventurous with RGB LED lights for the gaming room that can transition from bright to soft multi-colour schemes for different uses.


  • Coloured LED Bulbs and Battens on the Walls

If you are not comfortable installing bright overhead ceiling lights or spotlights in your gaming room, you can replace them with RGB LED lights for gaming room like laser lights, digital wall panels, LED bulbs and Battens or hexagon lights. Wall lights stylishly illuminate the entire room and create an immersive experience like no other. 


  • LED Tile lights on the floor

LED Tile lights have a myriad of applications in modern indoor and outdoor lighting. They can be used in a commercial office, showroom, or in your gaming room at home. LED tile lights on the floor have multiple LED bulbs that have a multiplicity of colours and the brightness level can be adjusted as per requirement. 

Decorating your gaming room with lighting along with adjusting your computer desk, electronic accessories, tables and shelves can take a while. However, the most important thing to do is have fun in the process! With these lighting ideas, you’re bound to leave your friends and guests in awe of the lighting in your room.