Types of Lights You Need In Different Rooms Based on Its Features

Do You Need Different Lights for Different Rooms?

  • 9 August

  • 2 mins Read

Crompton Starlord LED lights Crompton Starlord LED lights

It is no secret that lighting is the key to setting the ambiance for any room. From conventional to contemporary, there are multiple LED ceiling lights for homes. With multiple varieties, lighting is now a major part of room aesthetics and decor for homeowners.

With the new-age LED technology, you can enjoy flexible, cost-efficient ambient lighting for your home. When it comes to LED ceiling lights for homes, the aim should be to minimize the number of lights you have and to make the most of the features it offers. Having multiple light options go a long way in enhancing the visual appeal of a space. Read our guide on mood lighting.


Do You Need Different Lights for Different Rooms?, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited


With the different features you get, you need to understand that different rooms in your home will require different lights. When selecting false ceiling lights, take into consideration the amount of natural light that enters the room and the amount of light that you actually need for it.

Crompton’s range of LED panel lighting has something for every room. When it comes to the living room and study/workrooms, it is ideal to pick lights like the Star-Lord LED panel. It will keep your room well-lit and make it easier to focus. As for bathing rooms and bedrooms, you need slightly dimmer lights like Star Magic Panel to avoid putting any strain on the eyes. For dressing tables and over the sink lights, you should pick lights like the Star Dura Panel.



Wondering what makes Crompton’s LED lights the best? These are the features that we offer:

Ergonomic Design 

All of the Crompton LED Panel lights are stylish, slim and compact and these are best LED ceiling lights for homes. They are lightweight and easy to use. Plus, you get to make a choice between round and square lights. Additionally, you get to choose between a full metal body and semi-metal panels with metal collars that make this a smart investment.



Crompton’s range of LED lights give you a warm ambience with smooth light distribution, making use of robust energy-efficient drivers.

Do You Need Different Lights for Different Rooms?, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited



Crompton offers the lights in a variety of wattage options that make it easier to pick lights for different rooms. The panel lights range from 3 Watts to 22 Watts. Go for the higher wattage option if you are looking for brighter light and pick the lower wattage option for a softer glow.

Pick and place these lights at equal intervals depending on your ceiling lights and enjoy a hassle-free lighting experience with less strain on your eyes.

When looking for the best LED ceiling lights for your home, make sure that you are picking fixtures that compliment the interior of your home. Even with multiple features, Crompton’s LED lights come in an affordable price range starting from Rs. 330 to Rs. 1800. Have the best lighting experience with Crompton! Read our guide to choose the correct lighting for every room.