The Only Guide You Need for Choosing Ceiling Lights for Your Home

  • 11 November

Ceiling lights play a very big role in creating the right atmosphere for your home. They are meant to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and match the vibe of your living room. The right LED ceiling lights can completely alter the look of your home and create an ambience with just the push of a button. Your interiors won’t get the attention they deserve without proper decor lighting.

People have started opting for LED ceiling lights that add a unique touch to their homes. From creating the right ambience for every occasion to blending with the interiors of the room, LED decorative lights play an important role in designing your perfect home. Let us help you choose the right ceiling lights for each room.


LED ceiling lights decor guide

If you’re looking to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, or enhance the living room’s ambience for a gathering, decorative LED lights for home are the right way to do it. 

Today, there are several options for LED ceiling lights in the market. From a low-hanging LED ceiling light to false ceiling lights, you can find a variety of lights to choose from. It is likely that these options may confuse you. 

Well, Crompton is here with a few essential factors you must keep in mind while picking LED decorative lights for your home to get the best atmosphere in your home. 

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Choosing the right ceiling lights for the right ambience

While picking decor lights, it is important to understand the kind of ambience you want to set in the room. Every LED ceiling light curates a different atmosphere and to choose the right one, you must first envision the ambience you wish to set. 

If you’re looking for a restful mood, yellow lights would do the trick. If the room is supposed to have an intimate look, dim yellow lighting is the correct choice. Based on the type of vibe a particular room gives, you can pick the correct lighting that matches the aesthetic.


Deciding the colour of ceiling lights

The colour of your ceiling lights can transform the look of your room in a matter of minutes. Today, there are several colourful options you can choose from while making your purchase. 

From the standard yellow and white to colourful LED ceiling lights like blue and pink, a variety of options are available in the market. You can also choose ceiling lights with multiple colour options. Our Star Lord 3-in-1 recessed panel is a perfect fit on your ceiling, as you can change the light color depending on your mood.

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When it comes to choosing the right one, it is advised to pick bright white lights for study and kid’s rooms. Warm lights like yellow and a full white are preferable in dining and living rooms while soft and dim lights can be used in the bedrooms.

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Colourful LED ceiling lights can be installed to use on special occasions like gatherings and parties at home.


Spacing between the ceiling lights

Depending on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling, you can choose how many ceiling lights you require. 

This number may vary if you choose a hanging LED ceiling light or prefer dim lighting. 

While selecting the number of lights, it is important to know that more lights doesn’t mean increased brightness. With LED ceiling lights, you can obtain a bright atmosphere with minimal lighting as well.


Placing the ceiling lights

Arranging the ceiling lights in the right manner is a crucial part of ensuring your home looks brilliantly designed. The ceiling light fixture must be placed right in the middle of the room, highlighting the most significant piece of architecture in the room. The rest of the lights must be evenly spaced, shining light on all parts of the room. 

The formula usually followed is taking the height of the ceiling, dividing it by 2, and spacing the lights with the number derived. For example, if the height is 6 feet, the lights are placed with a gap of 3 feet between them.


If you’re renovating or purchasing LED ceiling lights for your new home, Crompton is here to guide you through the process of choosing the correct lighting while also providing a wide range of products that are unmatched. 

From false ceiling lights and fixtures to colourful ceiling lights, find everything that enhances your home’s ambience by a long margin at Crompton!