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Best Lighting Ideas For The Perfect Work From Home Space

  • 2 April

Crompton Best Lighting For Work From Home Space - Crompton Crompton Best Lighting For Work From Home Space - Crompton

With remote working having become so common, it’s the best time to take a closer look at your work environment. Unlike in an office where you can’t customize your interiors, you have endless freedom when it comes to your work from home space. Whether your home office is an entire room or a designated area in a room, you can switch things up to make it the best place to work. Lighting is an important part of this space as you will spend long hours here and a poorly-lit environment isn’t just frustrating to work with, it can also be unhealthy as it strains your eyes. Having the sunlight streaming in to provide ample natural lighting isn’t always an option so here are some home office lighting ideas: 


1. Smart Lights

If you currently have a bulb in your work from home space, it’s time to replace it with a smart LED bulb like Crompton’s Immensa. This is perfect for when you’re working from a living room, bedroom, or any other room that isn’t just your home office. Smart lights give you the flexibility to change the brightness and colour so you can have warm bright white lights when you’re working and switch to something else later. 

2. Table Lamps 

Don’t have a place to install a bulb? There’s another option. If you are working at a desk and looking for the best home office lighting for computer work, a table lamp can do the trick. Crompton offers sleek table lamps that don’t take up much space but provide ample light. Table lamps also come with bulb holders where you can put a smart bulb. This is great for when you spend long hours at the computer, but it’s not always for work. Work with bright light and then switch to movie lighting mode in the Immensa smart bulb after work hours when you’re binge-watching later. 

3. Ceiling Lighting 

When you have a room to yourself and want to get the optimum lighting for working, your home office overhead lighting can be the best option for you. Crompton’s Star Lord LED panels provide maximum brightness that you can get with 100 Lumen Per Watt so every corner of your room will be well-lit.  

4. Accent Lighting 

You will also likely use your home office for video calls and you can spruce up your area with some accent lighting. A well-placed wall light or recessed light can add dramatic effects to your room, sprucing up your background so it’s not just a plain wall.  

5. Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lights are also great for video conferencing. While you can get this with smart lights, if you can’t install a new bulb, you can get colourful LED strip lights and place them anywhere in the room. Crompton’s LED strip lights are 5 metres long so they work even if you have an outlet far away. 

These are some of the lighting suggestions you can use to protect your eyes and make your work from home more comfortable. While lighting can seem like a minor thing, it can have a big effect – try out one of our home office lighting ideas and see the difference!