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Benefits of using LED light bulbs – Crompton

  • 12 October

LED Bulbs

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard that LED bulbs are gradually replacing outdated CFL bulbs in almost all homes and commercial spaces. But what makes an LED light bulb better than a normal bulb? This read will help you understand the various benefits of LED bulbs and help you make an informed decision about using a LED bulb in your space. With an LED bulb, you can notice a substantial increase in energy efficiency and savings, which makes them one of the most popular lighting options for corporate offices and large spaces. 


Advantages of LED Bulbs

The advantages of LED bulbs make them a smart option to buy and also the reason why you should no longer go for normal bulbs. Our blog on LED battens and normal tube lights will give you a thorough understanding of the comparison between the two. 

  • Highly energy efficient

Among the different benefits of LED, the first one has to be its energy efficiency. Once you replace an old incandescent light bulb with a LED bulb, expect energy savings of about 30-90% Technological innovation has enabled LEDs to generate light at minimal voltage, have no warm-up time, and use minimal electrical current to light up. On the other hand, if you compare a LED bulb vs normal bulb, you will realize that the incandescent bulb converts over 90% of the energy into heat and only 10% into light. That is essentially just a waste of energy. 

  • Better Colour Rendering Index

CRI or colour rendering index is a measurement of a bulb’s ability to reveal the actual colour of objects compared to natural light. High CRI is a desirable characteristic when we are looking at our options for bulbs. LEDs generally have very good ratings when it comes to CRI. If you are searching for high-quality visual perception, look at the CRI mentioned on the bulb package. 

  • Directional illumination

A LED lamp emits light only 180 degrees around the source. Every other type of light emits light 360 degrees around. This means the light is either redirected or reflected. This drives up the costs for the system and inevitably results in losses meaning the light source is less efficient than it otherwise would be. 

  • Low voltage requirement

LEDs do not require a very high voltage. This makes them suitable for use in outdoor lighting applications where other lighting sources may not meet the required code. 

  • Eco-friendly

LED bulbs do not have common environmental issues that you may face with traditional lighting solutions like fluorescent lights. These bulbs contain mercury in the bulb and thus require special handling at the end of the product’s lifespan. LED bulbs do not necessitate this, making them eco-friendly as they are easier to dispose of.

  •  Longer lifespan

The biggest advantage of LED is its durability. It is easily one of the most significant advantages of LEDs when compared to traditional lighting. The average LED bulb lasts 50,000 operating hours to 100,000 operating hours and even more. That is 40 times more than an average incandescent bulb. Less frequent replacement means – lower maintenance costs in terms of labour and lower costs for replacement parts. 

  • Easy installation

It is easier to install LED bulbs today. Even if you want to fit them into the traditional bulb sockets, they are compatible with all the main voltage systems, so you don’t need a transformer for LED lighting to work. Also, unlike traditional lighting, LED bulbs operate at lower temperatures, eliminating any risk of burns or hazards during installation. 

  • Smart LED Bulbs for Smart control

 You can choose regular or smart LED bulbs. Smart LED bulbs are a great choice if you are looking at automating your lighting system at home. These bulbs optimize your electricity usage and switch off appliances when they are not in use. Smart LEDs are perfect for tech-savvy users. You can brighten up your space with just a tap on the smartphone or even with your voice and a wireless connection. 

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Crompton’s LED Bulbs

If you are looking at replacing your traditional bulbs with LED bulbs, then Crompton has a range of regular and smart LEDs that you can choose from. While a regular LED bulb will help save energy and costs, a smart LED bulb comes with several other features. They allow you to play around with 16 million hues, you can choose the light as per your mood. These smart bulbs are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can easily connect them with your phone and control the lighting from there. Crompton’s smart LEDs are compatible with iOs and Android operating systems, so you can easily download the application and tune the LED bulb as per your choice. The ease and convenience of smart LED bulbs will definitely make you a fan of this advanced technology. So, if you are giving a makeover to your space and want to automate your lighting system, then you must look at the Crompton smart LED bulbs.