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Benefits of Smart Lights for Homes: Make Smart Choices with Crompton

  • 30 September

Mood lighting, smart lights and ambient lighting, these aren’t just terms you might hear when celebrities are talking about their homes anymore. Smart houses that come with a smart lighting system are now an affordable, and must-have investment. But you might be wondering how switching to these automated lights might just be a superficial investment. How hard can it be to manually flip a light switch? However, by embracing a ‘smart future’ with these eco-friendly lights you could be opening yourself up to the many benefits of smart lighting.

Read on to find out how advantageous installing these smart led lights can be for your homes.

Also, if you wish to learn how LED bulbs work, we’re here to help!

Advantages of Smart Home Lights

1. Automation and Convenience

Automated technology has helped us become more efficient and automated lights are no different. They are convenient, customisable, energy efficient and can be combined with your other automated systems for ample convenience. You can have the lights on when you arrive home or when you walk into a room. And this lighting system can reduce electricity bills, since they only turn on when necessary and switch off otherwise. 


2. Wide Colour Range

Here is where mood and ambient lighting step in. Smart home lights can be put to good use by simply shifting colours across the spectrum to suit your activities. Hosting a party? Go for warm and dim colours? Reading a book? Taking a nap? Opt for cozy and cool colours. Crompton’s smart LED bulbs, ceiling lights and battens come with a multitude of hues and the immensa light bulbs come with 16 million colours to suit your mood and contribute towards efficient lighting.


3. Remote Control

Smart lights for your home are highly automated, and can be controlled remotely. This feature is beneficial for a variety of purposes. Fully compatible with your smart devices, you can now use an app to turn on and turn off your lighting. There are even some lights that can automatically turn on or off by using your smartphone’s GPS to determine where you are.


4. Scheduling

Simply enter a fixed schedule for how you use your lights with a smart home lighting system to avail of this incredible feature. Wake-up at 7am every morning? Schedule your lights to gradually turn on at 7am and turn off gradually at bedtime. 


5. Enhance the Ambience

Modern day remote-controlled lights for your homes can not only set moods but also contribute to several types of settings. You can schedule your kitchen area to be more brightly lit for your morning cup of coffee while the rest of your home is dimly lit. And, these lights have more than just dimmers, they come with a host of hues that can change colours on command for your ambience.


6. Energy Saving and Eco-friendly

Saving on energy and helping the environment, the benefits of smart lighting keep on giving. By dimming your lights, you can cut down on a tonne of energy wastage and your electricity bills. In addition, these lights can also be scheduled to automatically turn off when not in use, thereby saving on both cost and energy. 


7. Longer Lifespan of Smart LED Lights

Smart LEDs have a longer lifespan than ordinary incandescent light bulbs. LED lights last as long as 25,000 to 50,000 hours, while traditional bulbs last for about 1,000-2,000 hours. Depending on the usage, your smart bulb can last you decades and their longevity is a smart investment. LED Bulbs offer various advantages over normal bulbs.


8. Voice Control

Voice-controlled smart lights are the new future. Smart bulbs allow you to control your lighting preferences with simple voice commands. By connecting them to your smart home assistants, Google Assistant, Apple Home and Amazon’s Alexa you can command these bulbs to turn on, turn off, dim or change colours. 


9. Security for Home

Investing in smart lights can really help make your home more secure. By scheduling a dedicated away mode, these lights will routinely turn on and off, so any potential burglars would assume that someone is at home. Lighting can be an excellent deterrent to intruders and smart lighting can be made to sync up with your home security system.


10. Bio-rhythmic Settings

Our bodies have a certain biological rhythm where the nerves in our brain respond to light and darkness and react accordingly. This is one of the reasons why we feel more fresh in bright light and more sleepy in dull lighting. Crompton’s smart bulbs come with a bio-rhythmic feature which imitates the cycle of natural light so that your body can maintain its biological rhythms.


11. Music Sync Control

Setting the right mood with Crompton is much easier as you can sync the lights to music with the MyCromptonApp as well.


Embrace a smart future with these home lighting automation systems. While these lighting systems are still new to the market they have a long way to go, and we will keep seeing innovations in their product efficiencies. And applications of these remote control lightings don’t just go as far as homes, but also corporate offices, retail stores and entertainment to influence experiences, health and behaviour. And, we at Crompton look forward to bringing you only the best in smart LED lights.