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Back-Up LED Lamps to the Rescue!

  • 26 June

Power outages are no fun! With the electricity off, all activities come to a halt. When you are looking for a candle or torch in the dark, knocking things over becomes part and parcel of the situation, but it could also lead to accidents. What if we tell you there is a way to avoid the chaos that a power outage brings? Read on to find out more about this unique solution!

The need for a specific Backup LED Bulb with energy-storing functionality arises due to a large number of areas in India that experience frequent and regular power cuts. To provide a unique and effective solution to this very problem, Crompton has introduced Back-Up LED Lamps which can easily store energy for those times when you need it the most!

What are the Features of Backup Led Lamps? 

Crompton’s LED Lamps are a specially designed alternative to help solve the problem of lighting during a power outage when your ordinary LED Bulbs won’t do! They offer two variants of the LED Backup Lamps for use at home: the 4 Hours and 1 Hour lamps.

Back-Up LED Lamps to the Rescue!, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited


These smart bulbs are efficiently controlled by a battery management system which helps manage and regulate the performance of the battery. Not only that, but these lamps also come equipped with protective shields which help prevent any damage from overheating and electrical overload. This ensures maximum safety with maximum brightness! Along with superior performance, like most Smart LED Bulbs variants, they are covered under a 1-year warranty offered by Crompton.

How do these Backup LED bulbs work? 

Similar to your power bank, first, you need to charge the lamps. This can be done by directly attaching a Backup LED lamp to a holder and using it as a regular LED light bulb. While in use, energy gets stored within the in-built battery and acts as a power backup source. The lamp will then automatically switch on when it senses a power failure. These LED Lamps can also work in tackling the monsoon season. Efficient, right?

How to use these Led bulbs with Battery Backup? 

They usually work as 9W lamps, but in back-up mode, they will switch to 4W lamps. So for example, if you use the 9W lamp for 6-8 hours a day, you will end up storing enough energy to last you up to 4 hours in backup mode. Just like you would with your cell phone, make sure to fully charge your Backup LED lamp to prevent any battery discharge issues and get the best results.

Back-Up LED Lamps to the Rescue!, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

With this, say goodbye to your old LED Bulbs and welcome Crompton’s Backup LED lamps into your home!

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