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Shine On! A Guide To Using Panel Lights In Your Home

  • 6 September

A beautifully-decorated house is not just about the furniture or the wallpapers. The lighting that you use plays an important part as well. With the festive season just around the corner, adding a new lease of life to your home with innovative lighting ideas could be an exciting home improvement project.

LED lights could be the perfect choice for your new lighting project. Not only are these lights energy efficient, but they are also extremely versatile, allowing you to create different moods in different rooms just by switching the placement and colours of your LED panel light.

Importance of Proper Lighting in Our Homes

The ambience of your home is dependent on many factors, including the lighting of your spaces. Your lighting fixtures can help maintain the theme and mood of your home. From bright and funky to soft, warm and elegant – the LED lights in your home can truly transform the way you feel in every room.

For Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most used rooms in your house. It should be a cosy and warm area for everyone to gather as well for hosting your guests. LED lights in this room can be used in false ceilings/POP to lend a vibrant touch to your decor style. 

Pro Tip: LED panel lights on essential pieces of decor is a great way to add some elegance and sophistication to your room! 

For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you find yourself relaxing after a long day. The lighting of this room, therefore, needs to be comforting and bright at the same time. When you choose LED panel light here, avoid blue lights as they can impact your sleep. You can use the LED panel to highlight specific areas of the room.

For Your Kitchen

A beautiful and well-lit kitchen is always the best place to cook your meals and bond with family. You can use an LED panel in the kitchen through cove or recessed lighting. You can also use LED lights under the cabinets to brighten up your worktops.

Ideas For Your Bathroom

Good lighting in the bathroom creates a calming environment. LED lights primarily work well for small bathrooms. They can be easily recessed into the bathroom ceiling to create a well-lit space. You can also use LED panel light above the mirror for a spotlight effect.

For Staircases, Terraces and Gardens

Installing LED lights along the bottom of the steps in your staircase is a great way to make the area look appealing. For both patios and terraces, you can affix LED panel light along the edge of the roof to give it a cosy ambience. 

Why Should You Choose LED Lights?

Crompton LED panel lights are not only an attractive but also affordable addition to your home decor. Besides being energy efficient, they have a bunch of other amazing qualities which make them an excellent investment for your home.

Space-saving designs: 

LED panel light designs are slim and compact which allows you to fit these lights even in rooms and spaces that are not huge. Along with having a minimal look and feel, they are also available in various shapes like round and square to blend in seamlessly with your interiors. 


LED panel lights are designed in a way that they are not heavy and difficult to handle. Also, thanks to their lightweight body, they can be easily fixed on surfaces like false ceilings.

Metal construction: 

Whether you buy LED lights online or offline, you will be surprised to see the durable and sleek metal body, which makes it a fantastic investment for the long term.

Smooth Light Distribution: 

LED lights can evenly distribute light across a room. Thus, based on the size of the room, you can easily invest in the right number of LED panel required for lighting.

Colour Switching: 

For your creative side, LED lights often come with colour switching feature which lets you alter the mood of a room just with the flick of a switch!

In conclusion, LED panel lights are a convenient and cost-effective solution for all your lighting needs at home. Switch up your home’s ambience with these amazing lights for the festive season!