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Types of Room Heater: What’s the Difference?

  • 31 December

  • 4 mins Read

Types and benefits of Crompton room heater Types and benefits of Crompton room heater

It’s official – winter is here. People have started sorting out their woollen clothes, blankets and quilts, to keep themselves warm. But beyond these measures, don’t you want something more to keep the ambience of your room cosy and warm?

To help you with this, room heaters are a great option to keep the entire room warm. However, there are several types of room heaters available today. With all these options it becomes challenging to pick the ‘right’ room heater for your needs. We are trying to make this decision easier for you. Below you can read all about different types of room heaters and essential features to look for, along with Crompton’s best room heater in India.


Types of room heaters from Crompton

Before you make a decision, understand the different types of heaters and their features. To help you with this, we have listed the best room heaters from Crompton. These heaters are appreciated for their durability, user-friendliness, low energy consumption and superior performance. 

Oil Filled Room Heaters

An oil-filled room heater is suitable if you want the temperature in your room to stay warm for a long time. It can be used in both big and small rooms. So how does an oil heater work? In an oil-filled heater, when an electrical current is supplied, electrons tumble through the wire, causing friction and heat. As the wire heats the oil, the radiator heats the room’s air. Learn more about oil-filled room heaters.

Oil-filled heater is a power saver and consumes less electricity. The best thing about Insta Fervor is that it neither burns oxygen nor reduces humidity, making it the best choice for children. It has three heat settings, quick heating with 400W PTC Fan and wave fins for fast heating. To make movement easy, it comes with caster wheels and tilt protection. In addition, you also get a cord winder and heating indicator. Insta Fervor is available in two different Wattages (W) 2400 and 2900 with 1 year of warranty.


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Heat Convector

The way convector heaters work is that a coil or a panel is used to heat the room through a process called convection. When a fan or blower-type room heater is turned toward the heat panel, warm air is spread all over the room. Convection heaters are filled with heat transfer coils to radiate heat from the outer surface. The thermostat adjusts the temperature. One of their best features is how little upkeep they require, as well as how seldom you’ll have to clean them. Read everything about heat convectors on our blog.

When we specifically talk about heat convector heaters, Insta Airohot has been crafted aesthetically to match modern interiors. Insta Airohot comes with a 2 heat setting with adjustable thermostat and turbo fan design along with 2000 W. 


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Insta Delight

Insta Delight is another excellent option that is available in a variable heating position of 665W, 1330W & 2000W that allows you to control the heat level according to your comfort. It is lightweight and has a cord winder and comfortable handle to provide the utmost convenience for lifting. In addition, Crompton has fitted it with a shockproof body to prevent electric shock and make it safe to use.


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Halogen Heater

Halogen heaters are radiant heaters and use infrared radiation to work. The rods emit rays of heat that directly heat the surfaces on which they fall, spreading sufficient warmth throughout the room.

Read more: A guide on Halogen heaters

Crompton presents Insta Cozy room heater to make your winters cosy and comfortable. It is equipped with 90-degree rotation to ensure even heat distribution in the entire room, and temperature selection buttons allow you to adjust the heat level according to your comfort. Furthermore, it has 242 mm extra-long halogen heater tubes to minimise power consumption and increase heating efficiency.

From a safety point of view, Insta Cozy is equipped with a safety tip, which automatically shuts off the portable heater element in case it gets knocked to help prevent accidents. To keep your children safe, it comes with a safety grill that locks the heating element from the reach of children. Always abide by the space heater safety tips while using a room heater.


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Ceramic Heater

Ceramic heaters are electric heaters that work on the concept of resistive heating and have a ceramic heating element with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC). Ceramic materials have enough thermal conductivity and electrical resistance to produce and conduct heat as current passes through them. They are quite strong and long-lasting. They therefore function effectively when deployed as a heating elements in ceramic heaters.

The compact, stylish & energy-efficient Insta Red room heater provides you with the feeling of natural warmth. Ceramic Room Heater stainless steel reflector spreads the heat evenly across the room. It comes with a comfortable handle in the back to provide convenience for lifting.


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Quartz Room Heater

Quartz heaters are also infrared heaters. A Quartz heater radiates infrared radiations from its coils. This causes the space to heat up. The work similar to Halogen heaters. A Quartz heater takes time to radiate heat and warm up the space.

Quartz Room Heater comes with Two Sets of 400 Watt rods that emit heat into the atmosphere. Insta Comfy Quartz Room Heater provides Stainless steel reflector, and tilt protection which is easily portable anywhere.

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Summing up

The most important thing which you should consider before buying a room heater is safety. Choose room heaters equipped with safety grills, shockproof body, well-insulated cord and tip-over protection switch that automatically shut off the heater when it tips over.

Crompton has a wide range of room heaters with an aesthetically pleasing design and noiseless features. So, if you are looking for an overall package, stylish and energy-efficient heater to warm up your space, refer to our room heater buying guide and choose the perfect space heater to warm up your space.