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Tips For Buying A Steam Iron

  • 2 December

Ironing is one of the most tedious chores we all tend to do in our home and is often despised by many. Steam irons make all our lives much simpler because it effectively removes wrinkles during steaming as it loosens up the fabric crease with moisture and generates heat that works immediately to smooth out the clothes. The built-in water reservoir in the steam iron generates steam that is used to iron the clothes. With the right steam iron you can easily iron out a range of fabrics, from silk to cotton and linen in a shorter amount of time, and with good results. While there are a range of steam irons available in the market, let us look into some key features to watch out for when purchasing the right one.

1. Swivel Cord

It is important to have a long swivel cord so that it is convenient for you to iron without having to worry about the cord getting plugged out or getting in the way. The Crompton Pyro Steam Iron has a 360-degree swivel cord that allows you easy movement and lets you focus on ironing out the wrinkles and creases instead of keeping a track on the cord.

2. Soleplates

It is important to look out for the kind of soleplate a steam iron has while purchasing one. Non-stick coatings are supposed to help the iron glide more smoothly. The Crompton Aristo Steam Iron comes with the non-stick coating soleplate and hence will make as an excellent choice for this product category.

3. Variable Heat Settings

It is important for a steam iron to have variation in heat settings as different fabrics demand different heat requirements. For example, fabrics like cotton and linen require higher temperatures and delicate fabrics like silk require low temperatures. Opting for the Crompton Presto Steam Iron will make your life simpler as it comes with a range of heat settings that makes it easier to set the correct temperature for a particular fabric.

4. Self-Cleaning

Some steam irons like the Crompton Pyro Steam Iron come with a self-cleaning feature which basically makes life easier as you do not need to put in extra efforts to clean the iron, instead just watch it clean itself! This feature comes in handy especially in areas where only hard water is available as the mineral deposits caused by the hard water tend to clog the steam vents making it difficult to clean.

5. Steam Burst

When dealing with stubborn creases, at times, all you need is a burst of steam that is targeted especially at the crease. The Crompton Aristo Steam Iron has a steam burst button that really comes in handy when ironing fabrics like linen, cotton and even tough fabrics like denim.

6. Tank Capacity

The tank capacity or the water chamber is the part of the steam iron where you fill the water which then gets converted into steam. The capacity of the tank determines the number of clothes that you can iron at one go. The Crompton Pyro Steam Iron comes with a tank capacity of 350 ml that allows you to iron many clothes at once without running for a refill frequently.