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The Right Way To Iron Your Clothes – Unlearn and Learn 

  • 22 December

For some, ironing is a necessity and for others, it is a hobby. If you belong to the second category of people who love using their steam irons as much as they love to wear well-pressed and clean garments, then you know how important it is to know the right way to iron. However, despite their best intentions, most iron users make some common mistakes.

First things first, let’s discuss the different types. Irons are of two types – steam and dry. A dry iron does not produce steam and, at times, you may have to manually sprinkle water on the garment to remove stubborn wrinkles. Crompton’s InstaGlide is a great option if you are looking for a dry iron that is packed with features to make ironing simple. The best steam iron, on the other hand, has a water tank and hundreds of small holes through which steam passes. A steam iron ensures complete crease removal from your garments. The best thing about a steam iron is that you can also use it as a dry iron. Crompton also has a great range of steam irons which come with different levels of steam output based on your ironing needs. 

As you venture into ironing, you will observe that, before learning the right way to iron, you need to unlearn a few things. So, here are the three common mistakes people make while ironing using a steam iron. 

Taking Up Heavy Fabrics First

Yes! It’s easy to iron a heavy fabric when you are full of energy, and the steam iron has just heated up. As time progresses and the iron heats more, you move towards more delicate and light-coloured clothes. But, in the process, you will do more harm to your garments than good. Hence, to keep your garments as good as new, you should always pull up light-coloured fabrics first and heavy fabrics later.

Ironing Clothes That Are Dry As Paper

Ironing dry clothes may spoil not only the colour of the garment but also its crease. The best steam iron sprays mist and dampens the cloth for smoother ironing. Moreover, some steam irons, such as those from Crompton, come with Anti-Drip Technology which ensures that there is no spillage of water droplets from the tank.

Not Cleaning The Steam Iron At Periodic Intervals

Cleaning a steam iron is proportionately linked to its performance. With regular use, the iron accumulates burnt fibres and dust, which can leave an imprint on the clothes you iron. However, the best steam irons come with auto self-clean function, which automatically cleans itself and removes corrosive substances from its body and tank.

Now that you know which mistakes you must stay away from, it’s time to learn the right way to iron. 

Before you take up the mammoth yet exciting task of ironing garments, ensure that the spot you choose is clean. During the initial days, it’s better to go slow and increase the speed as you gain experience.

Ironing Shirts

Unbutton the shirt and spread it all over the ironing table. Iron the arms first, after aligning the sleeves. Always remember to iron the inside initially. Take up the collar and iron both sides; the wrong side first, right side later.

Spread the shirt evenly over the table, with the neck of the shirt at the farthest end of the table. Iron the front part of the shirt first and the back later. In the end, iron the buttons. Do not put the surface of the iron on the button, as it may melt them.

Ironing Pleated Trousers

Ironing pleated trousers need more patience than ironing shirts. The first thing you need to do is turn the trouser inside out. Begin ironing the back pockets and front pockets. You may also buy a spray starch to make the pockets and pleats crisp. However, if you buy iron online, you might not need a spray starch, as the non-stick coating automatically ensures optimal ironing.

After ironing the pockets, iron the waistband. But, before doing so, you need to turn over the trouser from the wrong side to the right side. Pull out the pleats and iron it from the upper end to the lower end. You may follow the same process for ironing skirts.

So, by now, you know the best ways to iron with a steam iron. The best steam iron comes with spray and steam functions. Hence, you can choose the mode which suits your garments the most.

Additional Tips

The following tips will ensure that you get the most of out of the best steam iron like those from Crompton.

The Ironing Board

Whether you choose a full-sized ironing board or a tabletop board, ensure that the cords are away from children or a walkway.

The Base Plate

The base plate should be clean before you start ironing. However, since the best steam iron has the auto-clean function, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Garments And Temperature

Selecting the right temperature is paramount if you want to achieve the right output. Generally, silk and synthetic garments work best in the temperature range of 350°F, while wool and cotton garments prefer 400°F. Hence, you should sort the garments accordingly.


First-time iron users often make circular strokes. As an experienced steam iron user, try not to make this mistake. Always iron lengthwise and apply steam or spray when you encounter wrinkles.


To achieve perfection with ironing, you need to buy the best steam iron after checking its technical specifications and customer reviews. If you are the one who can go to any extent to keep their garments fresh and vibrant, you should choose a good steam iron.