Switch your Summer Mode ON with Crompton 's Innovative Energion Fans

Switch your Summer Mode ON with Crompton’s Energion Fans

  • 2 May

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Ceiling fans running at their fastest speed, with soft hums and cool air is a sure indication of summer. Now, the old ceiling fan has been upgraded from being a rambling to a highly functional yet stylish device. Indeed, effortlessly providing cool air to any part of the room in matter of seconds. Staying cool and comfortable has now become more convenient with high-quality ceiling fans. Confused about which model should you choose? Here’s how you can switch your summer mode ON with Crompton. Choose from our best-selling Energion range of ceiling fans:


  • Energion Groove

Energion Groove is the star merger of innovation and efficiency. This trendy fan is not only the most energy-efficient, and powerful but provides best-in-class air delivery. Moreover, it rotates at 350 rpm and yet uses only 28W of energy per hour. This fan lets you breathe cleaner, hygienic air by attracting 50% less dust than regular fans.

With its point-anywhere LCD smart remote you can change the fan speed from anywhere and also synchronise your fans. Additionally, its multi-pairing function allows you to not worry about changing the speed every single time the fan runs. 


  • Energion HS

The Energion HS ceiling fan consumes only 35W at maximum speed and as little as 6W at minimum. Making it the finest energy efficient fan. With it’s widest working voltage range of 90V-300V, it ensures negligible losses. Not just this, the fan delivers higher speed and performance than conventional fans. Furthermore, Energion HS is amongst the ones that come with a smart remote and a sleep timer function. It also remembers your last speed setting and can be multi-paired with other fans. This fan is available in a variety of colours to choose from.


  • Energion Riviera

A fan with energy-saving features, the Energion Riveria consumes just 32 watts at its fastest speed. Adjacently, its wide operating voltage range helps minimize losses. It delivers higher speed and performance than traditional fans. 

Additionally, this stylish but energy-efficient ceiling fan consumes less energy. Also provides a faster speed of 360 revolutions per minute. Energion Riviera maintains its intelligence with its smart remote and can be multi-paired with other fans.


  • Energion Stylus

Energion Stylus is the only smart fan you will ever need. It does all that a normal fan does, including spinning at 370 rpm at as little as 35W. This anti-dust fan attracts 50% less dust than regular fans. 

All the more the most special feature of this fan, is its ability to provide smart IoT-enabled functions. Amazon Alexa and Google Home can be a quick hassle-free access, through the My Crompton App.

From the plethora of ceiling fans options available in the market, Crompton fans provide you with the perfect balance of elegance and cool air for your home. Our wide selection of powerful ceiling fans has something to offer for every person, whether it is design or energy efficiency. All set for the season now you can switch your summer mode ON with Crompton, check out Crompton’s ceiling fans for more details. Also explore another energy efficient category that is BLDC fans.