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Personal Air Coolers or Desert Air Coolers: What’s A Better Option?

  • 7 May

Choose what's the best for you. Find out between Personal air coolers and Desert air coolers Choose what's the best for you. Find out between Personal air coolers and Desert air coolers

Did you too get confused which air cooler was a better option for your room or office? When it comes to selecting an air cooler it is very important to consider the type of air cooler, its size, working mechanism and place of utilisation. An air cooler misfit to its location can be a fiasco. Hence before deciding on which air cooler you should buy, it is important for you to understand which kind of air cooler would suit your requirements. 

Personal air coolers and desert air coolers work on the same basic principle of evaporation. The process of evaporation takes place in the air cooler which leads to release of cool air. Even though the working principle of both the air coolers are the same, a slight difference in the working mechanism makes them so different from each other. 

Working by the simple concept of evaporation, desert air coolers take-in the air from outside, conditions it and then releases it. They take air from the environment and mix it with the water in the cooler. Due to high velocity and pressure the water evaporates. While the remaining moisture content keeps on increasing the temperature tends to cool down. Because of this reduction in temperature, the developed air loses its temperature and cold air is released from the air cooler. Desert air coolers have pads present on 3 sides of a cooler which are constantly drenched with water with the help of a pump present in the air cooler. When the evaporated air passes through these cooling pads it mingles with the cold water and becomes colder. 

On the other hand, personal coolers do not use the air from outside rather processes and recirculates the air present in the room. Just like desert coolers, personal coolers work on the same principle of evaporation. It pulls-in the warm air from your room and treats it with the cold water present in the cooler. Then the cold air is released into the room. This not only decreases the temperature of the air and makes it cooler but also decreases the humidity in the room.  

Personal air coolers are comparatively smaller devices that are locomotive hence can be strolled and utilised in different rooms. It is essentially used to provide cooling to an individual. So be it your study room or office cabin, Crompton personal air coolers are undoubtedly a great fit. Whereas, desert coolers are usually stationary and are perfect for huge bedrooms, drawing hall or any room with wider space. Desert coolers are regularly seen at hotels, restaurants, banquets, pray halls and so on. 

So while you sit to decide if you want a personal cooler or a desert cooler make sure you consider all these points. The size of your room and the number of people to be accommodated are the key factors which you should keep in mind. Crompton offers a wide range of personal as well as desert air cooler with chic design, enticing colours and affordable price range giving you various options to choose from. 

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