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Oil-filled room heaters – Crompton’s Detailed Guide

  • 4 October

Infrared vs OFR heater Infrared vs OFR heater

Introduction to Oil-filled heaters

We are surrounded by useful home and office appliances that are super functional and helpful in our daily life. However, we have never questioned how they work. One of these many appliances includes room heaters. While plenty of room heaters are available in the market, one that has received accolades over the years for its safety features and functionality has to be an oil heater. We have already covered the differences between an oil heater and an infrared heater, but in this article we will discuss how an oil heater works and is an oil heater safe

An oil-filled radiator uses an electrical element to heat a reservoir of thermal oil inside the appliance. The electrical element of the oil-filled heater is fully submerged in the oil, so when it heats up, all of the warmth created is transferred to the surrounding liquid. An oil room heater is meant to replace your home heating unit by heating the whole room evenly and with greater strength.


Working of Oil-filled radiators

Now that we understood what oil-filled room heaters are, here’s how they work:

The heating element inside an oil heater is just a coil of metal resistive wire inserted into the base. When an electric current runs through this wire, the electrons jostle together as they move through it, creating friction and heat. As the wire heats the oil, the warmth is transferred to the body of the heater, which in turn heats the air volume in the room. This is the basic principle on which oil room heaters function. 


Are Oil-filled room heaters safe?

One of the major concerns around this appliance is whether they are safe. It only makes sense to worry about this because if the necessary safety tips aren’t followed, any room heater could cause a hazard. However, oil heaters distribute their heat over a large surface. This way, the heat is spread evenly instead of being focused. This feature makes oil heaters safer to touch and not burn hot. 


Features of Oil-filled room heaters

Some of the many features of oil-filled room heaters include:

  • Efficient in heating large rooms:

If you are looking for a heater that can evenly heat large spaces, then an oil-filled room heater is the best option for you. They produce warm air that spreads across the entire space. So, if you want to heat your office space or the master bedroom of your house, then oil room heaters are a great buy. 

  • Very safe:

As mentioned above, oil-filled heaters are safer than infrared heaters as the heat is evenly distributed and not concentrated. This makes them extremely safe to use. Buying an oil-filled room heater is highly recommended if you have children or pets at home. Here are some safety tips to use room heaters.

  • High heating capacity:

Heating capacity is the amount of heat that the heater stores and emits over time. Oil heaters store heat even after you turn them off. The oil remains hot and continues to transfer heat. So, if you are looking for a heater that can continue producing heat over a longer period of time, oil-filled heaters are your best bet.

  • Comfortable heating:

The heat produced by an oil-filled room heater does not make you uncomfortable. Infrared heaters produce focused heat, leaving you feeling dry, whereas an oil-filled room heater evenly distributes the heat so you don’t feel it hurting your skin. 

  • Overnight use:

If you are looking for a heater that can be used overnight, then an oil-filled room heater is a safe bet. Oil heaters don’t produce any light like an infrared heater, so you can sleep peacefully in the room when they are used. 

Note: Only use heaters overnight when you are at home. Don’t leave them on if you are stepping out of the house. 


Oil heater maintenance tips

To ensure that your oil-filled room heater lasts you long, follow these easy maintenance tips:

1. Clean the thermostat before the summer season. This will help regulate temperatures. The blower and the battery control component, which monitors the burner, benefit from the mid-season cleaning. 

2. Regular maintenance removes any particles and deposits that interfere with the seamless operation of the equipment. 

3. It is best to call the experts for annual checkups even though you carry these regular maintenance checks and to replace any damaged parts. 


Does the oil inside the heater need to be changed? 

Those new to oil-filled room heaters may believe that the oil within the appliance must be changed regularly. However, this is not true. These radiators are sealed units, and the oil inside is only used as a thermal reservoir for the element rather than as a combustible. You won’t need any replacement if the equipment works well. 


Crompton’s Oil-filled radiators 

Crompton’s Insta Fervor is an oil-filled room heater that is a great purchase. With its three-heat setting, the oil-filled heater provides quick heating. The large fins provide a larger surface, ensuring the entire space is heated in no time. Moreover, the heater also boasts over-heat protection, ensuring enough safety for all. Unlike other room heaters, there is no oxygen depletion, so you won’t be left feeling nauseous and weak. The oil heater price is only Rs.14,800. 

Oil-filled heaters are the perfect heating equipment to invest in if you are looking for heaters that can heat up larger spaces and keep the area warm for a long time. Moreover, the oil heater price in India makes them a must-have for colder areas in the country.