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How to use an Air Cooler? An In-depth Guide

  • 26 March

Wondering how to beat the summer heat? Get yourself a cooling system that is energy efficient and easy to use. Air coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, are a type of cooling appliance that works by evaporating water to cool the surrounding air. 


What is an Air Cooler?


Air coolers are one of the most ideal cooling appliances used extensively during the summer months. They are an alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, which use refrigerants to cool the air.

Air coolers consist of a fan, a water reservoir, and a pump. The pump circulates water from the pool to a cooling pad or filter. The fan draws air through the cooling pad, where it is cooled by evaporation. The cooled air is then circulated back into the room, providing a refreshing breeze that can lower the temperature by several degrees.

One of the main benefits of air coolers is that they are much more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioning systems. They use less electricity and do not rely on harmful refrigerants, making them a more environmentally friendly option. They are also relatively easy to install and maintain and can be used in a variety of settings, from homes to large commercial spaces.


Why should you Use an Air Cooler?


Wondering how your air cooler can come to use? Check out the below-mentioned factors to make the most of your cooling appliance.


  • Cost-effective: Air coolers are usually less expensive than air conditioners, making them a budget-friendly option for cooling your home or office. Crompton offers air coolers under Rs 10,000 and Rs 5000, Refer to our Air cooler buying guide to make the right choice.
  • Environmentally friendly: Air coolers are an eco-friendly option as they do not use any refrigerants that are harmful to the environment. Additionally, they consume less electricity than air conditioners, making them a more sustainable cooling option.
  • Healthy air: Unlike air conditioners, which recirculate indoor air, air coolers bring in fresh outdoor air and cool it down, providing better ventilation and reducing the likelihood of respiratory problems caused by stale indoor air.
  • Easy to maintain: They are low-maintenance devices, with simple designs that make cleaning and maintenance easy. They also have reusable air filters that can be easily washed and reused.
  • Versatility: Air coolers are portable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They work well in dry climates and can be used in a variety of settings, from homes to warehouses and outdoor events.

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Steps to Use an Air Cooler


Got your air cooler at home or your office but are unsure about how it works? Follow our step-by-step guide to know how to use an air cooler.


  1. Unbox the air cooler and make sure all the parts are present.
  2. Fill the water tank with clean water. Make sure not to overfill it, and do not use hot water.
  3. Connect the power cord to the air cooler and plug it into an electrical outlet. Make sure the voltage matches the requirements of the air cooler.
  4. Turn on the air cooler using the power button or switch.
  5. Adjust the fan speed and cooling settings as desired. Many air coolers come with different speed settings and cooling modes.
  6. If the air cooler has a humidifier, adjust the humidity level according to your preference.
  7. Place the air cooler in the room you want to cool. Position it near an open window or doorway to maximize air circulation.
  8. Check the water level regularly and refill the tank as needed.


3 Factors to Keep in Mind while Using an Air Cooler


While air coolers are easy to use and maintain, you should keep the following points in mind to ensure the longevity of your cooling appliance. If you’re wondering how to make your air cooler effective, read further.


  • Location: Air coolers work best in dry and arid climates. You should keep your air cooler in a well-ventilated room or area with good air circulation for it to work effectively. Additionally, air coolers require a constant supply of fresh air, so it’s important to keep a window or door partially open when using them.
  • Water level: Air coolers work by evaporating water, so it’s essential to maintain the proper water level in the unit. You should check the water level regularly and refill the tank as needed to prevent the cooler from running dry, which can damage the unit and reduce its cooling efficiency.
  • Cleaning: To ensure that your air cooler works efficiently, you should clean it regularly. This includes wiping down the exterior, cleaning the filter and the water tank, and removing any debris or mineral buildup that may have accumulated inside the unit. Regular cleaning also helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould, which can cause health issues.


Crompton’s Exquisite Array of Air Coolers


If you’re looking for superior air cooling with versatility for your summer needs, Crompton’s wide range of air coolers should do the trick. Our air cooling appliances are some of the best sought-after products available in the market today as they are packed with distinct features.

1. Everlast Pump

The Everlast Pump in our Crompton air coolers helps in preventing jamming issues even with hard water. This further ensures the durability of the pump. 

2. Maximum Air Delivery

With powerful air delivery, our air coolers are ideal for small and big spaces. You can use the air cooler to keep your space cool and full of fresh air for a long time.

3. High-density Honeycomb Pads

Get prolonged cooling and superior comfort with high-density honeycomb pads that offer superior cooling for a longer period. You can find this feature in the Crompton Optimus 100, Ozone Royal 88, Ozone 55 Ice Chamber Air Cooler, Cool Breeze DAC80 Desert Air Cooler, and the Ozone 75 Home Cooling Desert Cooler.

4. Motor with Overload Protection

Our air coolers are also engineered with a motor overload protector that ensures durability and longer motor life while preventing them from overheating.


Experience premium cooling in no time with Crompton’s range of air coolers.