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How to Use a Room Heater and How Does it Work

  • 7 November

  • 4 Minutes Read

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The colder months are just around the corner which brings in the necessity of getting a winter heater for your home or office space. Before you decide on purchasing a room warmer, you should ask yourself this question – ‘how does a heater work?’ Is it really meant for your space and how can you use it?

In this guide, we will elaborate on the functionality of using a room heater before you understand how to go about using one for your space. We will also take you through the top portable heater recommendations in 2022 that should surely become a part of your space.

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How does a Room Heater work?

With a wide range of room heaters available in the market today, you might be pondering which is the best choice. However, before you choose from your list of selections, it is important to understand how a heater works.

Most electric room heaters are equipped with a resistor that produces heat when you switch the appliance on. There are heating wires that are usually composed of Nichrome that heat up producing an adequate amount of heat to warm up the surroundings. The resistor is the medium where electricity is converted into heat and passed further on.

Some room heaters like the blower room heaters draw in cold air from the surroundings while simultaneously emitting hot air. This works as the process of convection to ensure that the heating coils don’t burn out, while subsequently maintaining the warmth in the space. This is achievable through a fan installed in the space heater unit.

In case your portable electric heater doesn’t have a fan, the air then comes from below the unit, passing swiftly over the heating coils and making its way to the top of the room heater. Also known as a radiator heater, this type of room heating appliance is ideally used by small-sized families in India.

 Now that you understand the mechanism of a room heater, head over to the next section to know about the different ways in which you can use this appliance.

4 Safety Tips to Use a Room Heater?

Wondering how to use a heater in your room? Here’s how you can go about it.

1. Opt for an adjustable wattage Room Heater

You can adjust the wattage of a space heater based on your room size. Room heaters are equipped with an adjustable wattage knob helping you save electricity in the winter months. Set the appliance to a low wattage if you are placing it in a small room. You can increase the wattage if the space is larger in comparison. The higher the wattage, the more the heating. Use your room heaters efficiently.

2. Get a Portable Room Heater with a Thermostat

Thermostats on portable room heaters help in curbing your electricity consumption. These are smart room heaters that help you achieve the desired temperature in your space. They automatically cut off the heating supply once the desired temperature is met by the thermostat.

3. Try Fan Room Heaters at a Low-Temperature

Blower room heaters equipped with a fan are ideal for large spaces in the winter months. Since they radiate hot air in a wider space, they help in warming up the room quickly. This further helps in curbing excess power consumption since you can switch off the room heater as soon as the desired warmth is achieved. You can use these space heaters at a low temperature to see how swiftly they warm up the entire room.

4. Switch Off the Portable Heater when not in use

As a rule of thumb, you should never use a room heater when you or your family members are not present in the same space. Switch it off as soon as the usage is met. Simultaneously, you can opt for different types of room heaters that automatically turn off once they help reach the desired temperature in the space.

Benefits of a Portable Room Heater over Centralised Heating

Now that you understand how to use room heaters, the next question is – ‘are they really worth it?’ Some modern homes these days also have centralised heating that helps to warm up the space adequately. In this case, is a portable room heater worth the purchase? Let’s find out.

1. While centralised heating systems help warm up the entire house, they can burn a hole in your pocket. They are not the most economical option out there. Instead, if you purchase a portable room heater, you can carry it with you from room to room. Use the heater appliance only when required. This will help save electricity abundantly.

2. Centralised heating leaves behind a major chunk of carbon footprint in comparison to a portable heater.

3. Centralized heating, if equipped with adequate insulation, can help lower consumption costs and keep the house safe. This cannot be guaranteed for electric room heaters since they are prone to combustion.

Depending on the size of your house and the requirement for warmth for just a few months in a year, you can choose between electric room heaters and centralized heating. The ideal choice is definitely a space heater, which offers more flexibility over centralised heating systems.

Why Choose Crompton’s Room Heaters?

When it comes to buying a space heater, Crompton room heaters are ideal for both small and big families. We offer a large selection of electric room heaters that are smartly designed, adding to the aesthetics of your space and providing the best heating solutions all year round.

At Crompton, you can choose between the following types of room heaters,

1. Oil Filled Room Heaters

2. Heat Convector

3. Halogen Heater

4. Quartz Heater

5. Ceramic Heater

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