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How To Make Your Air Coolers More Effective

  • 6 July

  • 2 mins Read

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Every summer, we drag out our air coolers and clean them for use. Over the years, the designs of all coolers including personal coolers and desert coolers have significantly improved and they’ve become a lot more durable. With features such as affordability, durability, and energy efficiency, the cooling remains just as effective, if not more. Even with multiple different features, people are always looking for tips and tricks to make their coolers work more efficiently. Here are a few ways to make your air cooler more effective, so you don’t have to buy a new air cooler every year.

Tips to Maintain your Air Cooler

Regular maintenance

Taking good care of your air cooler is the easiest and most effective way to make it work better for you. Make sure you schedule regular maintenance for your cooler and do not miss out on any of the servicing appointments. Regular maintenance will not only maintain the condition of the cooler but will also ensure that it continues to cool effectively.

Proper care when not in use

It is easy to take proper care of your machines when they are in continuous use. Along with regular servicing, air coolers should also be taken care of when they are not in use. Keeping them clean and storing them in good condition could go a long way in maintaining the condition of the cooler. Since air coolers are not usually used throughout the year, it is ideal to invest in feature-rich and portable air coolers like Crompton’s Optimus range.

How To Make Your Air Coolers More Effective, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Place in front of a window

Air coolers typically work on the principle of evaporative cooling. When placed in front of a window, the cooler will get easy access to more hot air and will be able to evaporate it faster giving you cool air. The advantage of portable coolers is that you can experiment with the positioning and find a spot that gives you the best cooling.

Proper ventilation

Unlike air conditioners, coolers require proper ventilation in the room in order to function at their best. Since they work on the principle of evaporative cooling, coolers need water and fresh air to provide efficient cooling. Moreover, good ventilation also helps in decreasing the humidity in the room.

Adding ice

If your air cooler has an ice chamber, feel free to drop ice in it for better cooling. When there is ice involved, the pads become cooler and deliver even cooler air. Keep in mind that adding too much ice will slow down the evaporating process and will hamper the cooling efficiency. So, make sure that you add ice in a moderate amount.

How To Make Your Air Coolers More Effective, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Cold water 

With the evaporative principle, warm water decreases the cooling efficiency and hinders the evaporative cooling process. Since cold water is closer to room temperature, it works best for the system and delivers efficient cooling.

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