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How To Choose The Right Electric Kettle?

  • 15 December

After a long day at work or a tiring ride, all you need is a hot cup of tea to relax for some time. Your body needs to relax with something light and energizing as it helps the body to recover. However, even something as simple as making tea or coffee is difficult when you are low on energy. So what’s the solution? Electric kettles!

Quick and convenient heating makes it the perfect companion for those with hectic schedules. Not just that, making soups on cold winter nights and oatmeal on sick days; all of it is easier with an electric kettle. However, home appliances such as electric kettle should only be brought after understanding all of its benefits and features. Confused about how to do that? This article brings you a list of benefits and the essential features to look out for!


Benefits Of Using Electric Kettles:

Even though it relies upon your propensities and the a apparatus you use, an electric kettle is fundamentally more energy proficient than a microwave or electric burner. In experimentation, the electric kettle has been demonstrated to be around 80% professional, instead of the burner and microwave at 70% and 50% productivity respectively.

Waiting for water to bubble can be somewhat similar to watching paint dry or grass develop. Fortunately, with an electric kettle, the water will be foaming joyfully quickly by any means. An electric kettle can utilize as much as 80% of the energy it uses for heating the fluid substance within it.

There are various reasons why utilizing an electric pot is more secure than different alternatives. The first is standard programmed switch off. Dissimilar to a burner or microwave, most current electric kettles are outfitted with an instrument that stops the bubbling cycle when it arrives at top gurgling.

Out of all the benefits that an electric kettle offers the main is the speed and convenience which it provides to the users. Bachelors and hostellers get the most amount of comfort from electric kettles. From boiling eggs to midnight Maggi sessions and hurried tea making in the morning an electric kettle does it all. Not only bachelors, but even families can make the most of it. From making authentic French Press Coffee to the perfect masala chai, it is effortless with an electric kettle.


Features To Keep in Mind While Buying An Electric Kettle:


The crucial features given below should be kept in mind while buying an electric kettle:


Boiling Point

This is one of the critical things to keep in mind while buying an electric kettle. If the boiling point is not perfect, the water might get overheated. The best electric kettles come with an on and off indicator that works automatically. Crompton electric kettles use LED functioning for indications and have features like auto shut off. The boiling point also differs according to the model that you choose.



This is one thing that you should be careful of before buying an electric kettle online. If you live alone, a one-litre kettle could work correctly. Whereas for a larger family, you can choose larger quantities. Crompton’s range of electric kettles comes in a capacity of 1 to 2 litres.



If this factor is ignored, then it could cause serious house hazards for you. Make sure to choose an electric kettle with double-wall protection and a cool touch body. The double-wall protection will ensure that the water stays warm for longer and the cool touch body allows you to touch the kettle with ease even with boiling water inside. Crompton electric kettles come with all of these and also have a 360-degree swivel base that makes it easier to plug the electric kettle and makes it convenient to use.



To ensure durability, you need to look at the warranty, the heating element, the wattage required as well as the design. Go for products that offer at least one year warranty and wattage of 1500 is ideal. The design elements such as a stainless steel spout, a wide mouth for easy pouring, thermo coated handles and one-touch open technology is also crucial.


Affordability and Performance

Do proper research and make sure to select brands that offer quality products and deliver high-grade performance at an affordable range. If you choose expensive products with not even the basic qualities, you might regret it in the long run.



Crompton electric kettles are the perfect choice as it is equipped with all the modern features. This implies no spillage, no over-heating up, no potential for high-temperature water to come gushing out the highest point of your pot. Home appliances such as electric kettles are a one-time investment that lasts for several years when kept with care. So, make sure that you make the right choice.