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The Best Air Coolers That You Can Get For Every Price Range

  • 7 April

Crompton Air Coolers For Every Price Range Crompton Air Coolers For Every Price Range

Temperatures are rising across the country as summer starts. Before the peak of the season hits, it’s best to be prepared for the warmer weather so you don’t have to go looking for the perfect cooling solution while you suffer in the heat. This is where air coolers come in. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and types and if you aren’t familiar with them, it might become hard to choose while buying an air cooler online. While we have a buying guide available, we also have something for those looking for air coolers for specific price ranges. Let’s take a look at what Crompton air coolers you can buy.   

Under Rs. 5,000 Range

Yes! You can get an air cooler that is under Rs. 5,000 that can provide effective cooling. Personal air coolers fall under this category with our compact Ginie Neo at Rs. 4,000  being good for small spaces. If you don’t need to cool a large room or just need a cooler for yourself, this is a great option. 

Rs. 5,000-10,000 Range

Within this air cooler price category, you will find a few more options to choose from. You can get personal coolers with higher water tank capacities like Marvel Neo 23 at Rs. 8,900 that also comes with added features like 4-way deflection and motor overload protection. You can also opt for a window cooler from our Ozone range with Ozone Classic at Rs. 9,790 and Ozone Chill at Rs. 9,990. If you don’t have the space for a window cooler and want something more powerful than a personal cooler, we also have a cooling tower model. Optimus Neo 27 at Rs. 10,000 from our premium Optimus range provides you with superior cooling and great features like a wide ice chamber and auto-swing.   

Rs. 10,000 – 15,000 Range

Crompton offers many powerful tower coolers in this range. You can get Optimus Neo 35 for Rs. 10,500 or upgrade to an even great water tank capacity at Rs. 13,000 with Optimus Neo 52. All Optimus Neo coolers are designed to maximize cooling efficiency with more features apart from ice chamber –  honeycomb cooling pads, Everlast pump for hard water, and water drain plug for easy cooling. In this air cooler price range, you will also get the cooling tower Optimus Neo 35i with smart intelligence operations. This air cooler comes with a digital display and remote control so you can operate it from afar. 

Over Rs. 15,000 Range 

Desert coolers give you the most powerful cooling that you can get in the market and you can find them in this air cooler price range. Optimus 65 at Rs. 19,500 and Optimus 65i at Rs. 20,500 are among our most popular cooling solutions, with 65i providing smart digital control with remote control. These models come with premium features like auto-drain and humidity control. You can also find many powerful window coolers such as Optimus Classic 70 for Rs. 17,000 in this range.   

In conclusion, Crompton offers a wide range of options so you can get #JaldiCooling even on the hottest days of summer. You can explore more about Crompton air coolers here and find our air coolers online on Amazon and Flipkart.