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Beat The Chills Instantly With Water Heaters

  • 10 November

Water Heaters Water Heaters

When you need hot water during the winter months and you don’t have time to wait, the instant water geysers come to your rescue!

If you do not want to run out of hot water at any time, then opting for water heaters is a wise choice. Many people fit these geysers in the kitchen or dining room also, apart from the bathroom due to their usefulness and compact size.

The convenience of water heaters and its numerous benefits is the need of the hour for every household. So, let’s explore the benefits of instant water heaters.

1. First of all, it is incredibly energy-efficient and operates only when you need hot water. Thus, energy expenses get reduced by nearly 35% every year

2. As they only function at the time of requirement, you don’t have to worry about any accident.

3. You can have hot water continuously, provided you have bought the right size of water geysers. The temperature level is preset

4. Due to the compact size of this water heater, you can fix it in a bathroom of your choice

5. The instant water heater can serve you for as long as 20 years without any problems

6. One of the most important benefits of these heaters is that they are environment friendly. They help you conserve water without consuming additional water

7. Instant geyser means water is always clean and fresh. Due to its limited holding capacity, there is little chance of building up of sediments and rust which is very common in geysers with bigger tanks

8. Conventional water heaters might cause the growth of unwanted bacteria in stored water which is not the case when it comes to instant water heaters. Thus, their water is more safe and hygienic to use


Be Ready To Welcome Efficient and Instant Water Geysers

If you want to make certain that the water heater in your washroom is of excellent quality and provides you with cleanest and safe water free from rust and bacterial growth, then opt for Crompton Instant water heaters.

Crompton has seven types of instant water heaters with tank capacities of 3 litres, and some of them come with 1-litre capacity as well for your convenience. Manufactured with state-of-the-art and modern technologies, all of these water heaters are perfect for all contemporary houses. They are built aesthetically to suit even the most stylish bathroom decor.

With Weldless tank, rust and leak proof body, powerful heating element, dual-LED indicators, these instant water heaters manufactured by Crompton are the need of the hour. When it comes to heater prices, each model has a different price. But the good news is the heater prices come in an affordable range of INR 4000-6000.


Features of Instant Water Heater

With modern technologies and diverse features, these instant water heaters are all you need! Some of the best features of Crompton water heaters are given below!

(i) Excellent Bar Pressure – If you live in a high rise apartment, this geyser with 6.5 bar pressure is ideal to use. It has the capacity of tolerating pressure up to 6.5 kg per sq.cm

(ii) Weldless tank made high-grade stainless steel – the water remains hot for longer as the tank is made of very high-quality stainless steel. Moreover, there is no chance of leakage of water. This corrosion-resistant water heater can serve you for years to come

(iii) LED Indicator – This water heater comes with a smart LED indicator so that you can easily understand whether the geyser is operating or not

(iv) Copper heating element – When you are looking for a water geyser that will heat the water fast and that too with efficiency, the Solarium vogue is an ideal option. The ISI marked heating element is of copper and comes with a power of 3000 watts

(v) Latest design – Whether your washroom is small or big, this modern water geyser with 3-litre capacities fits in perfectly with its compact size. Sleek and beautiful, it takes very less space

(vi) 4-level Safety features – Get dual safety by using this geyser as it comes with predetermined thermal cut-out and also meticulous thermostat. It has a special mechanism which helps it stay secure through voltage ups and downs and power failures

(vii) No backflow of water – The anti-siphon technology of this water heater helps in stopping the backflow of water. Thus, the heating element does not get spoiled from dry heating


Crompton Instant water Heaters

Water heaters are an essential home appliance. Thus, choosing the best one is always crucial to ensure utter efficiency and value for money. Since instant water heaters come with so many advantages and the heater prices are within your budget, why not opt for them? Crompton instant water geysers with a bunch of smart specifications are an ideal choice for any home!