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Crompton’s Guide To Picking The Right Air Cooler For Your Home

  • 9 March

Guide to Buying Air Coolers in India - Crompton Guide to Buying Air Coolers in India - Crompton

Summer heat can be unbearable without proper cooling. While fans can help circulate the air and help you cool off a little, they can only do so much. As the temperatures keep rising, you will need #JaldiCooling and that’s where Crompton’s air coolers come in. Air coolers can cool much more efficiently when compared to fans and can be a more economical option when compared to air conditioners. But with so many different options available, it can become difficult to pick the best air cooler for your needs. This is why we’ve created a guide to share everything you need to know about air coolers before you buy one. 

Benefits of Air Coolers 

1. It’s economical & efficient 

With air cooler price being lower than air conditioner prices, they can be a more affordable option. They can also be more efficient in cooling rooms compared to air conditioners, consuming less energy and providing you with savings on your electricity bill. This efficient cooling is also better in larger areas and outdoors where air conditioners can’t cool well. 

2. They are easy to set up 

Apart from window air coolers, other coolers can simply be placed in the room. There is very little set up required and many models are also portable, which means you can move them around whenever you need. This added convenience is something you wouldn’t get from an air conditioner, which typically has to be professionally installed and is fixed in place. 

3. They are better for the environment 

Air conditioners can be bad for the environment as they use more energy and some models also release hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) which are linked to global warming. Air coolers are comparatively better for the environment as they use less energy. Since they use water to cool the air, some models also double up as good humidifiers, making the area more comfortable. 

Types of Air Coolers

Air coolers work on the same basic principle of evaporative cooling but the various types of air coolers have many differences among them. The type of air cooler you should get depends on where you want to place the air cooler and the space you want to cool. 

Personal Air Coolers

Best For: Small spaces

Personal air coolers are best for cooling compact spaces of 80-160 square feet. They are small in size and don’t take up much space, making them a good option for small rooms where you can cool efficiently. Crompton’s personal air coolers start at just Rs. 4,000 with Genie Neo which also comes with inverter capability so even if you have power cuts, you won’t be without cooling. 

Ginie Neo Air Cooler - Crompton

Tower Air Coolers

Best For: Bedrooms, living rooms

The cooling towers of this type of coolers are not just elegant in design but also powerful in function. Suitable for areas of 160-200 square feet, tower air coolers are perfect for medium-sized rooms and enclosed spaces. Crompton’s range of tower coolers starts at just Rs. 9,200, making them slightly more expensive than personal coolers but comes with increased cooling power and many great features. Optimus Neo 35 also has motor overload protection, mosquito nets, auto drain knob, and remote control for easy access. 

Optimus Neo 35 Air Cooler - Crompton

Window Air Coolers 

Best For: Bedrooms, living rooms 

As you can tell from its name, window coolers are typically installed in windows, similar to air conditioning units. They can also be put on a stand or trolley to make them movable. Tower and window coolers are suitable for the same type of areas, but some window air cooler models are slightly more powerful and good for areas of up to 235 square feet. Crompton’s window coolers are also in a similar price range starting from Rs. 9,990. Optimus Prime 70 is a good option if you want the best features of the Optimus range in the style of a window cooler. 

Optimus Prime 70 Air Cooler - Crompton

Desert Air Coolers

Best For: Halls and larger rooms 

The most powerful type of air cooler is the desert cooler. While these start from Rs. 15,900, they also offer the best cooling that you can get. A single desert air cooler can efficiently cool rooms of 500-650 square feet. While other coolers mainly use a blower for cooling, desert air coolers primarily use fans. They work best in dry climates as along with lowering the temperature, it also adds humidity. If you go for Crompton’s Optimus 65i, you also get the option to control humidity along with other amazing features similar to what you would get with an air conditioner like remote control, auto swing, timer, and digital display. 

Optimus 65i Air Cooler - Crompton

Key Specifications To Consider 

Now that you know the different types of air coolers available and what spaces they are best used for, let’s talk about the key features and specifications you should look at before you buy an air cooler. 

Tank Capacity & Features

As air coolers use water from the tank to cool the room, the tank capacity is an important factor. The larger the tank, the longer the air cooler can function before you need to re-fill the water. Some coolers come with auto-fill and auto-drain functions which makes operating them much easier. Some even come with an ice tray to cool even better. So, lookout for a suitable tank capacity and make sure it’s appropriate for the room you will be placing it in.

Air Flow 

Air delivery is another key specification to look at while buying an air cooler. Measured in m³/hr, the higher this number is, the better air flow the air cooler has. There are other features related to air flow you can also look at such as an auto-swing function, which lets the air circulate across the area instead of just in a specific direction. 

Mosquito & Dust Filters 

As air coolers need fresh air to function, dust and mosquitoes can be an issue depending on where the air cooler is placed. You can look for cooler models with dust filter and mosquito nets so you can be assured that the air you get will be clean. 

Other Features To Look For 

There are many other useful features that you can find in air coolers. Remote controls make it easy to change the settings of the air cooler even from a distance. An inverter-compatible cooler can continue your cooling uninterrupted so the heat doesn’t become an issue even when there’s no electricity. You can also look out for features that make air coolers easier to operate such as a water level indicator. 

Why You Should Choose Crompton Air Coolers 

If you are looking for the best air cooler, you have come to the right place. Besides being a trusted brand, there are a lot of reasons why you should pick Crompton air coolers to become your favourite companion of the summer. Our coolers have been designed keeping the needs of the consumers in mind so we can offer superior cooling at the best prices. Crompton’s air coolers have honeycomb cooling pads that provide more efficient cooling. Many of our models also come with Everlast pumps that work with hard water. Apart from these, we have models with a wide range of features so you can get the perfect air cooler for your needs. 

So, don’t wait for the peak of summer to get a Crompton air cooler. Explore the full range here and get #JaldiCooling fast.