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5 Tips To Make Your Water Heater Winter-Ready

  • 9 November

Over the years, water heaters have become immensely popular in every household. Especially during winter, the usage of water heaters is the highest. Many options are offered today regarding tankless water heaters, which were not available a few years ago. Crompton electric water heater provides unrivalled water-heating solutions during the winter season. With the Crompton water heater, cleaning, bathing, and other water-related duties will be simplified and convenient during the winters.

There is nothing more satisfying than escaping the frigid air into a warm and relaxing shower. That is why the proper upkeep of your water heater is of the utmost importance during the winter. In this blog, we will give you some essential tips on how you can make your water heater winter-ready.


Insulate Your Water Heater

As the temperature cools, it’s critical to maintain your hot water as hot as possible. However, standby heat losses from hot water sitting in the tank can drive up utility costs by consuming more power and gas. Heat loss can be reduced by covering the tank and pipes going away from the water heater. This insulation is generally built into newer water heater tanks, but if you have an older tank, you can buy a tank cover to add an extra layer of insulation to keep hot water hotter. Your plumber will be able to measure and install this tank insulation properly. Otherwise, if you’re in the market for a new water heater, look into one of the best Crompton water heaters with built-in insulation.


Check The Anode Rod

The sacrificial anode rod is an essential component of a tank water heater because it rusts away and sacrifices itself to prevent rusting in the heater tank. The sacrificial anode rod is placed at the top of the tank and should be checked during the pre-winter inspection. Anode rods are good for five years, although they should be examined once a year. Replace the rod if it’s calcium-coated or worn down to less than 1/4 inch thick.


Change The Temperature

It’s a good idea to check and modify the temperature setting on your instant water heater right before winter. While it may be alluring to inflate the temperature in the winter, it is advisable to conserve energy and preserve water temperature by cleaning or insulating the pipes and leaving the temperature dial at a lower setting. Even a slight reduction in temperature (1-2 degrees) can significantly impact energy consumption.


Inspect Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure release valve is the one component of a water heater that must function correctly. Raising and lowering the test lever will ensure that everything is in working order. All is good if the brass stem attached to it elevates at the same time. If not, make sure it’s fixed as quickly as possible to avoid a dangerous pressure build-up in your tank.


Examine The Exhaust And Intake Systems

Check your water heater’s vents and exhausts for anything that could cause obstructions, such as leaves, dirt, or even tiny dust particles. Anything obstructing oxygen intake or CO2 exhaust could cause your water heater to malfunction, or worse, CO2 could back up from the water heater and into your house or workplace. Make sure metal mesh is covering vents and openings during this inspection.


What makes Crompton water heaters an ideal option?

With a quality performance of over 75 years and a legacy of trust, Crompton has launched a range of instant water heaters with superior heating performance that offer hassle-free installation, safety and aesthetic design. Not only well-designed, but they also make the water heating procedure much more convenient and comfortable.

Crompton’s Solarium Neo water heater delivers the perfect hot water with the help of an influential 1200 gm heating element. Moreover, energy-saving PUF insulation makes it energy-efficient. In addition, triple-shield technology protects Solarium Neo from corrosion oxidation and scaling, thus giving a longer life. Apart from its unique features, the non-corrosive body makes it more appealing in the eyes of buyers as it promises them a longer life of the heater. So, one should purchase this water heater from Crompton as it does what it promises off at an affordable price.

The Rapidjet Plus water heater is designed to be a reliable partner for you to have comfortable and warm showers in the morning. It has advanced 4-level safety that keeps all parameters in check for protection against electric shocks and auto-off function in case of malfunction. Also, it comes with a durable body that offers toughness and heat resistance, and the smart shield protects your tank and heating element from corrosion. So, if you don’t have to store large amounts of hot water or don’t want to spend too much, then Rapidjet Plus is the right choice. Moreover, this water heater price starts from just Rs. 4000, making it an affordable purchase.