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5 Things To Look Out For In Your Next Storage Water Heater

  • 9 October

Storage Water Heater Storage Water Heater

Winter is knocking on your door, and you might be wondering how you can take a bath comfortably on those chilly wintery mornings. Well, say goodbye to your worries because with the stylish and state-of-the-art storage water heaters from Crompton, you can enjoy your bath even in the coldest months of the year!

But before you go shopping for geysers, there are certain things you’ve got to keep in mind:


1. Durability

A water heater is a long-term investment, and the type depends on your needs. If space is a constraint, then an instant water heater is a better choice. For supply to multiple points like your kitchen, basin, or shower, go for a storage water heater.

Instant water heaters heat water up faster, but storage water heaters can keep water hot longer due to superior insulation. It’s easier to get warm water throughout the day. Prices of storage heaters vary from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 10000 and are quite affordable, considering the benefits.


2. Efficiency

The best water heater will be energy-efficient too! Some of them like Solarium Neo have Insitu PUF that ensures minimum radiant heat loss which lowers your electricity bills.

This 5-star rated heater uses PUF foam to keep the water hot for longer durations by ensuring heat retention, resulting in energy savings. The higher the BEE rating, the more energy-efficient is the water heater.

You can take a bath anytime during the day without having to worry about hot water being available or not! No more freezing water when you are washing your hands during the day. If your clothes need to be washed in warm water for better cleaning, you can get them cleaned whenever you want!

The smart design with standby cut off feature also leads to energy savings, superior performance with no compromise in quality. When the water reaches the optimal heat, the water heater is automatically switched off. Consider this – it just consumes 1 watt even if you leave it on for 7 to 8 hours!

There are certain specifications of geysers that need to be kept in mind before you buy them. An important one is tank capacity as this determines the quantity of water than can be stored.

If you have a large family and therefore greater water requirements, go for a water heater with a larger tank capacity. You can choose from tank capacities ranging from 6 litres to 25 litres. There is not much variation in water heater price according to the tank capacity, with the total difference in price between the 6-litre tank and 25-litre tank being just over Rs. 3000!


3. Faster Heating

Gyroscopic technology in the water heater ensures that cold and hot water don’t come in contact with each other, and there is faster heating. The superior 1200-gm heating element heats the water quickly.

It takes just 10 minutes to heat water up to 45 degrees! You don’t need to wait for hours for the water to heat up like you used to. No more having to rush to work due to delays in getting hot water for your bath! There will be no more madness or rushing in the morning at least not due to hot water issues.


4. Safety

The best water heater ensures not only faster water heating and retention, but also pays attention to your safety. If the water temperature cannot be controlled, then there would be health risks to you and your family.

The geysers should have 3-level safety protection to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected. There should be a capillary-type thermostat with thermal cut-out and MFV or multi-function safety valve for enhanced safety that ensures that the water temperature does not exceed a specified limit.

Use the storage water heater without any stress regarding the wellbeing of your family. The ABS body also ensures that the geyser is shock resistant.


5. Bar Pressure

If you’re living in a high-rise and are worried about the water pressure damaging your water heater, then stop worrying! The Solarium Neo has a 10-bar pressure and can tolerate the extreme pressure that is found in the higher floors of a high rise!

So whether you live on the first floor or the 20th floor, be rest assured that you will enjoy the same high-quality performance from your water heater.


Welcome The Winters With A Storage Water Heater

When you have a top-quality storage water heater, then winters are no longer a concern since you can enjoy a comfortable bath with warm water.

However, do keep certain things in mind when it comes to buying a water heater.  To start with, look for water heaters with a warranty of at least two years. This ensures that the water heater is durable, and you will not have to suffer from any performance issues. Your heater will last you a long time.

Since you are looking for quick heating, go for geysers that have a powerful heating element. This will reduce your waiting time for baths or other needs in winter.

While you want hot water quickly, you wouldn’t want to see an inflated electricity bill. So your water heater needs to be energy efficient so that power consumption is less and your electricity bills are low. Look for heaters that have the trusted BEE rating before you buy one.

Lastly, since you might be living in a high-rise like most people nowadays, it is advisable to check the bar pressure of your water heater. The bar pressure will ensure that no matter which floor you might live in, your water heater will not be damaged due to the high pressure.

So go ahead and buy a storage water heater but keep these simple pointers in mind!