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11 Things to Consider While Buying Home Appliances

  • 12 December

  • 4 Minutes Read

Every new home is not just its family members but the interior decoration and appliances that will be used on a daily basis. These electrical appliances are the heart and soul of our households. From the electrical kettle for hot water to toasters, there are so many household appliances that go into the usage of a functional family. We also have a heater for the winter and air conditioners for the summer season. We are nothing without appliances for homes. Here we have a home appliance buying guide, this guide will keep us cognizant of the things we must look into before spending our hard-earned money. Let’s go: 


11 Things to Consider Before Buying Home Appliances

1. Features

The features are the first thing to look into as we begin our home appliance buying guide and journey. Every product that we purchase should be up to date with modern technology. ActivBLDC Technology in BLDC Fans is the most energy efficient technology in Ceiling Fans. We may think of purchasing an older product but we also risk the electrical appliance going obsolete in a little while. Therefore our product should be modern and current. It should also have enough features that make it lucrative for its price point. For example, a toaster machine should have different heat settings. It may also feature an automatic turn-off switch. 


2. Optimal Size

The next point to keep in mind is the size of the appliance. If you’re coming from a bigger family, you’ll need highly functional and bigger appliances. A sandwich toaster that toasts two sandwiches at a time will not be feasible as compared to an electrical appliance that can toast up to four or even eight sandwiches. Bigger size appliances will help you save time and even energy. Similarly, a bigger sandwich toaster will not be needed for let’s say a family of three, it’ll be an underutilized appliance. 


3. Energy Efficiency

We live in a golden age of information where everything is available to us easily. Every electronic device or appliance often gives us information about its energy consumption, especially electrical appliances which have a BEE certification. BEE Rated Appliances are the lowest power-consuming appliances. Always go for products that have a high star rating as they signify an efficient and lower energy consumption. Crompton offers a wide range of energy efficient 5 star rated and 1 star rated ceiling fans.


4. Space Occupancy

We must be cognizant of space. For example, if we’re getting a geyser, we’ll have to be aware of our bathroom space. We cannot have a giant geyser in a small bathroom as it can create hazardous situations where the water may come in contact with the appliance. We should buy home appliances that are proportionate to the size of the space. A similar situation is for an air conditioner, we cannot have a bigger AC for a small room as it would simply mean underutilization of a larger product.


5. Accessibility and Ease of Use

Yet another point in the home appliance buying guide is accessibility. Our products should be accessible yet at a safe distance from little children and pets. Appliances like heaters and geysers should be fixed in a safe place. Plugs for geysers should not be close to water faucets. The products should also be easy to use; while a learning curve is present at all stages, it shouldn’t be complicated. 


6. Price

The price of the appliance is yet another important factor. It shouldn’t be out of our budget. The electrical appliance should also give us features in accordance with the price of the product. A quick comparison with other similar appliances will help us make a better decision. 


7. Warranty

Every appliance should come with a warranty. Without a warranty, we are purchasing products at a risk. A warranty protects us from certain damages. Sometimes a product may even come with a manufacturing defect. In this case, it can cease to work. Here, a warranty works beautifully. 


8. Style

Yet another important house appliance choosing tip is style and aesthetics. We must always go for a product that aligns with the design and style of our house; after all, we want the appliance to fit in with our home. 


9. Service Plan

Certain appliances require regular maintenance and therefore offer services as well. You must check whether your appliance qualifies for a service plan or not. Mostly, you should get a product that comes with a service plan and use it for your benefit. 


10. Online Reviews

As mentioned above, we live in a golden age of information. You’ll find many reviews and videos of your desired appliance on the internet. You can use this to your advantage to make the right decision. 


11. Customer Support and Expert Advice

Lastly, always go for companies that have an excellent reputation for customer service. Customer service will help you understand your products, they will also help you with any minor defect. 


Crompton’s Home appliances

Crompton’s home appliances are engineered to perfection. They are created keeping in mind modern technologies and stylish and attractive designs. Our appliances are also beneficial because they are energy efficient. Lastly, we also have great customer service, which is ready to serve you. 



1. How do I choose an appliance for my home?

A home appliance guide is a perfect list to which you can refer. However, you must always keep in mind your budget, style choices, accessibility of the product, your personal preferences, and the space restrictions of your homes. You should also go for companies offering great customer service plans. 


2. Is it better to buy appliances in person or online?

Both are great options, we can test the products in person but even online shopping is becoming reliable and popular these days. Most online shopping portals have a customer service chat box, which can help you make the perfect decision. 


3. Which company is best for home appliances?

Crompton is the best company for home appliances because it realizes the consumer’s needs and creates products that fit well in a home. Crompton strives to create a positive experience for its customers.