10 Easy Steps to Save Electricity and Reduce Bills

  • 12 December

An average electricity bill in India costs around Rs. 2000 per month during the winter season and Rs. 5000 per month during the summer season. However, the cost for some people may be even higher and may vary depending on the type of appliances, the wattage of the appliances in use, and the number of appliances being used in the home. The average person seeks hacks to reduce electricity consumption in order to reduce electricity bills. If you are someone looking for an answer to the million-dollar question, “How to reduce your electricity bill?” you have landed at the right place.


10 Tips to Save on Electricity Bills

There are different ways to reduce electricity consumption at home. Are you curious to know different ways to save electric energy and how to reduce your electricity bill at home? Well, we’ve got you covered with 10 easy and actionable ways to reduce electricity use and, hence, the energy cost.

1. Buy Electrical Appliances with a 5-Star BEE Rating Only

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) issues BEE Star Labels as a voluntary method for manufacturers to define an appliance’s energy efficiency. The label uses stars to indicate the efficiency of a product, with more stars indicating higher efficiency. To put it in simple terms, the higher the energy efficiency rating of the appliance, the lower the energy consumption would be. To effectively reduce your home’s energy costs, look for items with 5-star BEE ratings. Not only does this positively impact the environment but also helps reduce your electricity bills. Know more about BEE Rating Appliances. Crompton offers a wide range of 5-star rated ceiling fans.

2. Switch to LED Lights

If your residence is still full of CFLs and bulbs, you must get rid of them and install LED bulbs. No, these are not just trendy lights; they are known for their energy efficiency and increased illumination. If you are still hung up on the question of “how to save electricity bill at home,” LED bulbs are the answer for you.

3. Switch to Smart Appliances for Remote Control and Optimal Usage

Switching to smart appliances is one of the best ways to reduce electricity consumption at home, as such devices will help you automate things within the premises and reduce electricity consumption. Ceiling fan with energy-efficiency can be a great option to save electricity. Smart devices generally come with a remote control that will help you set a schedule to turn them on and off. Crompton offers a remote control fan with extra energy saving and low power consumption.

4. Switch to BLDC Fans

Of course, you have heard of BLDC fans. These energy-efficient fans are increasing in popularity thanks to their brushless direct current motors (BLDC), which function on direct current electricity. These fans can help you save up to 60% on electricity when compared to normal induction motor-based fans. These also offer additional user functionality like a remote control to switch the fan on and off, timer functionality, and compatibility with voice assistants.  These also offer additional user functionality like remote control – on/off, timer functionality as well as compatibility with voice assistants. Read more about Bldc fan vs normal fan to know the difference and reduce electricity bills.

5. Harness Solar Energy with Solar Panels

Installing a complete solar system in your residence is going to be expensive. However, there are other simpler, more cost-efficient ways to use solar energy. You can accomplish this by installing outdoor solar lights on your balcony and garden and solar fans. This will help you significantly reduce your energy cost at a minimal price. Solar pumps can also be a crucial appliance in day to day life which can help in saving electricity. Know the difference between an electric geyser and solar geyser and choose the correct option.

6. Operate the AC at 24 degrees Celsius

Utilization of an air conditioner increases during the summer season, which means higher electricity bills. You can, however, reduce the energy cost by operating the AC at 24°C at all times, as this is an ideal temperature to keep the room cool and to help you save energy. Other than this, you can begin to use a timer to switch your AC on and off, as well as replace your old AC with one that has a 5-star BEE rating.

7. Use Smart Wi-Fi to Enable Energy meters to Measure Electricity Consumption

There are several smart energy meters available on the market today. These are generally Wi-Fi-enabled energy meters that not only measure the total power consumption of the residence but also analyze the consumption trends in real-time. Such devices can also warn you of power leaks or which appliances are consuming the most energy at the time. Wifi LED Bulbs are a great option when it comes to saving electricity.

8. Service and Maintain Home Appliances Regularly for Optimal Functioning

Maintaining your home appliances and servicing them regularly will help them function better and more efficiently. Unmaintained appliances have a reputation for burning too much energy, so regular maintenance will help them live longer and help you save energy consumption. Read more about exhaust fan cleaning.

9. Use Power Strips for Multiple Gadgets

Plug in a power strip if you have multiple electronic products or appliances that require an electrical outlet. When not being used, you can turn everything off at once to avoid “phantom” energy loss.

10. Switch off Electrical Appliances When Not in Use

The most basic and efficient way of reducing electricity bills is by switching off electrical devices like lights, fans, and air conditioners when not in use.

Saving up on electricity bills will not only help you save money but also help reduce your carbon footprint. These simple and basic steps can definitely take you a long way and help you achieve your goal of saving up on electricity. You can also read about How to Save Energy with BLDC Fan