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Our Anti Dust fans attract 50% less dust

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Why Anti-Dust Fans Will Change Your Life For The Better

  • 13 October

Anti Dust Fans in India - Crompton Ceiling fans Anti Dust Fans in India - Crompton Ceiling fans

We have all had spring cleaning days at home. Sundays spent with dust sheets on top of all the furniture and every member of the family wiping down closets, dusting vases and one brave person climbing up a tricky ladder to deep clean the ceiling fans.

Living in India means that the world around us rife with dust and pollutant. While the air inside of our homes is much cleaner than the outdoors, it’s not as pristine as you would think.

The air inside our homes is filled with impurities. Especially in the summers when we keep the doors and windows closed to minimize the heat, the stale air circulates inside with our ceiling and wall fan creating an extremely unhealthy atmosphere.

The dust that accumulates on our various appliances and surfaces adds to the impurities in the air around us. There are a multitude of solutions for combatting this issue of contaminated air inside our homes, but a simple and easy solution is anti-dust fans.


What Are Anti-Dust Fans?

Ceiling fans are a common fixture in all Indian homes. In the summer heat and the monsoon humidity, they are the unsung hero. But they are also quite a challenge when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Anti-dust technology is an interesting innovation among ceiling fans. These ceiling fans are designed to attract less dirt than regular fans. As a result of this, less dust sticks to the blades of an anti-dust fan.

Anti-dust fans are manufactured by leading ceiling and wall fan manufactures in India such as Crompton. One of their best-selling is the SilentPro Enso Anti-dust fan.


Why Do We Need Anti-Dust Fans?


1. Dust Allergies

Dust is tiny particles made of dead human skin, microscopic creatures, bugs and sometimes even minute sand, wood and asbestos particles. Though most of it is perfectly harmless, severe dust accumulation can trigger allergies in several people.

The symptoms can range from sneezing to a runny nose and even respiratory trouble. Hence, a clean home environment with minimal dust and dirt accumulation is important for you to stay healthy and safe.

An anti-dust fan can reduce the circulation of dust-heavy air since it barely retains any dirt on its surface, therefore, reducing chances of you and your family having a negative reaction to the dirt.


2. Increased Time Spent Indoors

If you are someone who spends much time indoors, you need to have healthy and clean inside your home. Anti-dust fans reduce the chances of dust accumulating in low-touch and out of reach surfaces like the ceiling fans. You no longer need to worry about dust or reduced air circulation.

The anti-dust fan ensures that your home is a little less polluted with these fans circulating less dirt-ridden air around.


3. Difficulty In Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are often not accessible enough to be cleaned every day. As a result of that, the dust accumulation on these is much higher than on other surfaces such as your cabinets, shelves and kitchen appliances.

Since an anti-dust fan accumulates 50% lesser dust than regular fans, they are also much easier to clean. They can be simply wiped with a cloth intermittently to keep them as good as new!


How Do Anti-Dust Fans Work?

The technology behind an anti-dust fan is a breakthrough, clever innovation. In an anti-dust fan, the blades are coated with nano-technology paint which is both hydrophobic and oleophobic.

Hydrophobic means that the nonpolar molecules in this paint repel water, Oleophobic material, on the other hand, repels oil and grease. The anti-graffiti PU topcoat on the fan’s blades makes the water form droplets and slide off instead of sticking to it.

The paint on the blade has an advance cross-linking density and low surface energy which ensures that the dust doesn’t form a thick film on its surface unlike in other ceiling fans.


Stylish And Convenient – The Two In One Advantage

Anti-dust fans are premium ceiling fans made for Indian homes that are built for ones who aspire a higher standard of living with better air to breathe and stay healthy.

Many manufacturers also use BTDC technology in these fans to give extra advantages besides the low dust accumulation that they are advertised to do.

They often come in models that make low to no noise and also have a huge advantage when it comes to saving power and being eco-friendly.


SilentPro Enso Antidust

Crompton’s SilentPro Enso Anti-dust Ceiling Fan comes in three interesting shades – Ballerina Pink, Charcoal Grey, Mist White – giving you an anti-dust fan which is easy to clean and maintain, while also making your space look chic and classy.

This fan also comes with a remote which uses radiofrequency to control the fan from anywhere – even when you don’t point directly at it. You can also control multiple fans with the same remote.

The body of the fan is also designed in an aerodynamic manner that minimizes friction with the air while at the same time increasing the rotations per minute. This ensures that the fan gives high performance while barely making any noise.

It is one of the cleanest, safest and most energy-efficient ceiling fans that you can choose for your home.

In taking care of our health in this environment where pollutants are everywhere around us, an anti-dust fan can be a lifesaver. While this fan price is higher than regular ceiling fans, the superior technology and benefits that come out of it are worth paying the extra amount for!